Contemporary color pillows

10 Gorgeous Contemporary Pillow Ideas

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If you must have modern objects and art in your home but also like to keep updating your home with the latest style, you are technically a fan of contemporary style. 

People are often confused about the difference between modern and contemporary design.

A modern style bedroom usually captures the essence of a specific period in time – like the 1960s or 70s.

But contemporary style is all about today – the latest trends now plus a bit of trying to predict the future.

That said, the contemporary bedroom style is mostly about creating an up-to-date, comfortable, and inviting sleep space without cluttering it too much with older pieces.

And nothing speaks “comfort” more than pillows!

Today, contemporary-style pillows are often striped or carry bold graphic or printed patterns, use a calming color pallet, and often appear sleek, fresh, and simple.

Check out our latest list of contemporary pillow ideas below to accent your contemporary bedroom today!

1. Colorful Pillows

Contemporary color pillows

Colors bring more life to your surroundings!

Try adding different color pillows on your couch with a little vase standing on the front table to make it a perfect contemporary setting.

2. Grey Pillows With Graphic Pattern

Grey Pillows With Graphic Pattern

Check out this bed with grey headboard and grey shade pillows, giving this room a classic monotone contemporary feel.

3. White Is Evergreen

White Is Evergreen

White is the universal symbol of peace and good in the Western world.

When you design your space in white, it creates a feeling of serenity and purity.

White pillows on a white couch or sofa always look fabulous!

4. Blue & Orange Pillows On Beige Sofa 

Blue & Orange Pillows On Beige Sofa

Contemporary living room interior with modern white, beige couch, light blue, dark blue, and orange colored pillows.

Black coffee table and glasses provide contrast for this bright color combo.

5. Modern Bed With Brown and White Pillows

Modern Bed With Brown and White Pillows

A perfectly designed modern bedroom with a stylish bed and brown and white pillows against a dark wall.

6. Patterned Grey Pillow

Contemporary Pillow Ideas

Consider adding yellow and grey patterned pillows on a grey sofa for a cool contemporary feel with a little summer pop.

7. Different Patterns

Contemporary different patterns

Try mixing up patterns to create interest.

8. White Living Room

Contemporary Pillow Ideas

A perfect contemporary style white living room with white sofa and cushions, a beautiful palm tree is standing on the floor.

What a serene feel.

9. Soft Pillows

Soft Pillows

The pillows you add to your bed tells a story about its comfort.

Choose pillows and bedding made of soft and durable fabric.

10. Real Fur Pillows

Contemporary Pillow Ideas

If you’re not shy, think about adding pillows made of real fur for some extra comfort to your bed.

While designing a contemporary style bedroom today, it is best to keep things simple and uncluttered and follow a more minimalistic design.

Another tip that almost always works: select pillows that contrast with the existing décor.

For example, if walls are dark, choose pillows in a lighter shade to make the room pop.

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