Luxury by the Ocean

10 Splashy & Fun Beach House Pillow Ideas

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Beach house décor is about bringing laid back coastal living into your home. 

Imagine a light and airy space with casual furniture made of natural worn materials, with small flourishes of fun pastels and seashell décor.

You don’t need to live on a beach – you can get that Seaside charm by adding coastal and nautical items such as seashell-adorned mirrors and accessories, framed seascape wall art, brass finishes, ship-worthy lighting, and anything and everything in all shades of blue.

Beach style bedrooms are all about fun, relaxation, and comfort.

And the right beach style pillows can deliver all three.

Want to know how to create a comfy beach style bedroom with pillows?

Take a small tour of ten fun and splashy beach house pillows below:

1. Tropical Bedroom

Splashy & Fun Beach House Pillow

What a beautifully-designed bedroom in a tropical theme! This charming bedroom in white creates a livable vibe with plants everywhere, a comfy bed with tropical printed pillows and linen, and a tropical wall frame.

2. Natural Hues

Natural Hues

Natural hues are the hallmark of a beach-themed space. And just look at this comfy and inviting bedroom with lots of playful pillows.

3. Boho Pillows

Boho Pillows

These beautifully designed pillows are perfect for adding to your beach style bedroom. BOHO is a great second style to mix into any beach home.

4. White and Blue – classic

Splashy & Fun Beach House Pillow

A seaside classic: printed blue pillows on a white bed. These are not only ideal for beach style but also look beautiful overall.

5. Flower Prints

Splashy & Fun Beach House Pillow

A perfect beach theme bedroom with flower print bedding and pillows that create an ideal beach vibe!

Check out the cool wall frame, nightstand, and that magnificent corner stand.

6. Lots of Cushions

Lots of Cushions

Adding lots of cushions in multiple patterns and colors always look fun and relaxing.

Have fun, go wild.

You’re on vacation!

7. Tropical Pattern With Fruit Slices

Splashy & Fun Beach House Pillow

Create a refreshing and welcoming vibe in your bedroom with beautifully patterned tropical fruit pillows.

8. Beige Shades

Beige Shades

This is a classic beach style bedroom in the beige finish with flower printed bedding and pillows, beige curtains, and a white nightstand on the bedside table.

9. Striped Colorful Pillows

Striped Colorful Pillows

Adding fun and playful pillows to your kids' bedroom add a summer fun feel every day.

10. Luxury by the Ocean

Luxury by the Ocean

Who said you couldn’t have a luxury in a beach house?

Check out this gorgeous bed with lots of white and brown pillows and curtains all around.

You can create this kind of setting on a back porch or patio, as well.

When designing a beach style bedroom, think: casual feel, chunky lanterns instead of chandeliers, delicate patterns, natural hues such as blue and white, strips pillows and beddings, bright pastels, and tropical prints for pop, wicker furniture, bamboo chair, and worn finishes.

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