Labor Day Sales are ON! Awesome Deals on the Best Online Mattresses

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If you're still shopping for a mattress or know someone who is, then Labor Day is definitely the time to buy!mattress labor day sale us dollars

Just like bricks-and-mortar mattress stores, the leading online mattress companies also offer great Labor Day discounts.

Difference is: online mattresses cost a LOT less, so it's hard to beat the deals below.

Unless otherwise specified, these deals expire at midnight on September 3, 2018.

How to use the list below:

  1. Copy the DISCOUNT CODE (if one is mentioned)
  2. Click on the link
  3. Paste the code into the order form when you buy.

Enjoy the savings!  and feel free to share this list with your friends.


Our Take:  PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is the best-sleeping, highest-quality 100% latex mattress sold online. All-natural materials, lots of options and a super-long warranty.

Plushbeds Botanical bliss

Plushbeds has several Labor Day sales this year:

SAVE $1,200 on ORGANIC & LATEX mattresses + FREE Sheets, Pillows and Mattress Protector

SAVE $600 on MEMORY FOAM and COOL GEL foam mattresses + Sheets & Pillows

SAVE 60% on ADJUSTABLE BEDS + FREE 10-Year Extended Warranty


Our Take:  The best one-size-fits-all memory foam mattress sold online. Sleeps noticeably better than Casper, for the same price.


SAVE UP TO $200 on the LEESA memory foam mattress

SAVE UP TO $400 on the SAPIRA hybrid mattress


Our Take: The original one-size-fits-all memory foam mattress – recently updated with a variable zone support layer to provide better spine alignment.

Take $100 off any mattress with code SLEEPDELIVERED

Amore Beds

Our Take: A unique hybrid mattress with great support, above-average temperature control and a crazy low price (for what you get).

SAVE $200 + 2 FREE Pillows + 0% Financing

Bear Mattress

Our Take: Great Choice for athletes and others who want a memory foam mattress that sleeps exceptionally dry and cool.

Bear mattress review - sleeping experience

Get 20% OFF + 2 Cloud Pillows on a Bear Mattress

SAVE $100 on a Bear Mattress

Helix Sleep

Our Take: An excellent memory foam mattress that can be custom-fit to your unique sleeping habits, body and preferences. 

Helix-Lifestyle-3-3330 (2)

SAVE $100 + 2 Free Dream Pillows With any mattress purchase: Use code LDS100

SAVE $150 + 2 Free Dream Pillows when you spend $1,250 or more: Use code LDS150

SAVE $200 + 2 Free Dream Pillows when you spend $1,750 or more: Use code LDS200


Our Take: An affordable all-foam mattress with great support, excellent cooling and a unique  2-in-1 comfort choice.

Layla mattress review

SAVE UP TO $200 + a FREE  Pillow


Our Take: A unique 3-in-1 foam mattress that can be adjusted by you to match your comfort level. With great support and a really good price.

Luxi mattress - girl on bed

SAVE UP TO $300 with code ‘LaborDay'


Our Take: This budget-friend memory foam mattress has it all: advanced foam engineering, sleeps cool, good edge support… plus an industry-first LIFETIME warranty.

Nectar mattress outdoor

SAVE $125 + 2 FREE Pillows (offer good through Sept 10)


Our Take: An exceptionally comfortable & affordable foam mattress that adapts itself to your body like no other. It's like two mattresses in one..

Free Purple Sheets with Purchase of a Purple Mattress 


Our Take: A 15-inch luxury hybrid mattress with a hand-tufted & quilted pillow top that costs far less than store-bought equivalents. We love ours.

DreamCloud Mattress Review

SAVE $200 on a Dreamcloud Hybrid 

Brooklyn Bedding

Our Take: The #Bestmattressever has been updated from an all-foam to a hybrid foam + pocketed coil design. It’s more supportive, just as comfortable and just as affordable as before.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

20% off all Mattresses + 30% off Pillows and Sheets 

EightSleep Jupiter+

Our Take: The Jupiter+ by Eight Sleep is a smart mattress that does more than provide a comfortable surface to sleep on. It tracks your sleep, warms your side of the bed and integrates into your smart home.

EightSleep Jupiter+ Mattress Review - SmartCover

SAVE $50 when you spend $500 or more: Use code 50LABORDAY

SAVE $125 when you spend $1,000 or more: Use code 125LABORDAY

SAVE $250 when you spend $1,500 or more: Use code 250LABORDAY


Our Take: An eco-friendly latex + spring hybrid mattress with a simple design and a really affordable price..

Best pillow for stomach sleepers

Save $150 on all Latex Mattresses with code: 150OFF 

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