Industrial Pillow Ideas

10 New Urban Industrial Pillow Ideas

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Industrial design is all about a clutter-free, minimal aesthetic that is trendy and functional, almost to a fault.

The industrial style looks especially awesome in apartments and open lofts but can look great in a large open-plan home.

The industrial style tends to mix raw, unfinished materials with sleek minimalist décor and modern furnishings.

An urban industrial room is almost always open and airy, with rustic touches.

Think? Exposed brick & concrete walls, oversized artwork, bold and dramatic painting, exposed wires, beams, ductwork, wooden floors, hanging clothes storage and pendant lights, and furniture often made of simple steel, wood, or metal construction.

And yes, let’s not forget the pillows.

Given the stark nature of an industrial bedroom, your selection of pillows will literally define the level of comfort and relaxation.

Choosing the right kind of pillows is crucial to create a cozy feel without detracting from the sleek industrial look.

Here are ten new and urban industrial pillows ideas that will definitely fit within your bedroom:

1. Different Patterns & Colors

Different Patterns & Colors

Try mixing and matching pillows with different colors and geometric patterns on plain white bedding or sofa!

2. Orange Shades

Orange Shades

This bedroom in orange with a brick wall and wooden ceiling is a perfect industrial style designed space. Note the orange bedding with grey, and orange pillows, a wooden bedside desk with nightstand, white windows, and walls – and how they all complement each other.

3. Brown Pillow

Brown Pillow

A perfect rustic style pillow to enhance the look and feel of this industrial-style space.

4. Yellow Pillows On Dark Brown Bedding

Industrial Pillow Ideas

A perfect combination of bedding and pillows complementing each other.

5. White Is Classic

White Is Classic

An industrial style bedroom is done up in white. Note how these pillows and matching accessories contrast against the stone wall.

6. Hanging Wooden Chaise With White Pillows

Industrial Pillow Ideas

Again, a beautiful industrial space in white. The wooden hanging chaise with white bedding and pillows over it and matching accessories giving this space a luxurious touch.

7. Keep It Real

Keep It Real

This stylish black-and-white bedroom scheme could end up way over-the-top.

Instead, it smartly relies on a few simple gray striped pillows tossed about to keep the bedroom looking real – and more inviting.

8. Striped Bed & Pillows

Industrial Pillow Ideas

A combination you will rarely see in an industrial style home – but in this case, it really works.

9. Soft Decorative Pillow 

Soft Decorative Pillow

Blue shades add a soothing and relaxing feel to an otherwise cold, industrial space.

10. Add Pillows To Warm A Room Up

Industrial Pillow Ideas

Check out this perfectly-styled warehouse loft bedroom with a rustic touch.

The large bed with lots of pillows against a brick wall, hanging light bulbs, and two plants sitting beside it turn this old space into a modern and inviting home.

If you are still confused about how to select the right pillows for an industrial style bedroom, think: bright colors, vintage – and salvaged!

In addition to pillows, adding plants also create a warm vibe for your space.

So add one or two!

Usually, an industrial style bedroom is considered masculine, but it can be made much less so with the right mix of colors and accessories.

Choosing the right pillows is, by far, the cheapest and easiest way to make that happen.

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