Spacious Room With Lots Of Pillows

10 Sleek New Modern Pillow Ideas

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Modern homes are designed with the latest trends. 

Today that means clean lines, soft furnishings, earthy colors, decorative pillows, and minimal clutter.

The main focus of a modern room is to provide a welcoming, clean, and warm feel.

Given that modern beds are often stark and simple in design, pillows are the perfect way to add a warm and welcoming touch to any modern sleeping quarter.

There are many options to select from the modern style palette, from simple and plain to elaborately detailed prints.

Listed below are a few new modern pillow ideas that would improve any modern bedroom or living space.

1. Spacious Room With Lots Of Pillows

Spacious Room With Lots Of Pillows

A large room with several pillows in different patterns over a king-size bed.

Note that the color combination of bedding and pillows in light blue and white and black stripes and a dark blue coverlet are going well with one another.

2. Multi-Color Printed Pillows

Multi-Color Printed Pillows

Add these beautifully designed multi-color pillows on your bed or couch to enhance the aesthetics of your room!

3. Pillows In Different Fabrics

Modern Pillow Ideas

Pillows in different fabrics and designs with contrasting features always look elegant in a modern room.

4. A Perfect Rest Room

A Perfect Rest Room

A style room interior with a futon couch with one plain and one graphic pillow over it!

A beautiful palm is sitting on the bench against a brick wall in a white finish and a rug on the floor.

5. White Room With Multi-Color Pillows

Modern Pillow Ideas

Try adding different color pillows on a white sofa in a white interior.

6. A Festive Design Idea

Modern Pillow Ideas

Create a cozy and appealing space this festive season with modern pillows in different patterns and colors.

Consider adding lights surrounding them to create a warm and inviting vibe.

7. Knitted & Woven Pillows

Knitted & Woven Pillows

Woven pillows add a great style statement as well as coziness to any space.

8. Native Texture

Modern Pillow Ideas

Adding a bit of hand-sown culture adds age and interest to an otherwise super-clean modern setting.

9. Woven Design Lumber Pillow 

Modern Pillow Ideas

Give a modern touch to your bedroom or living room by adding this woven lumbar pillow on your plain bedding or couch.

10. Old + New + Rustic

Old + New + Rustic

Mix-and-match traditional check patterns with rustic, worn pieces to make a modern bedroom inviting and warm.

Next time you shop for a modern pillow, think beyond simple geometric prints and look for fur, quilts, bold colors, and elaborately decorative prints.

Whether you add pillows to your bed or sofa, any of the picks above will enhance your modern bedroom.

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