Mid-Century Pillow Ideas

10 Iconic Mid-Century Pillow Ideas

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Mid-century décor style is based on the idea “Good designs can change lives.”

Rose to popularity in the 1940s and 60s, the mid-century design embraces natural wood, modern aesthetics, muted palette, and clean lines.

The furnishings you would want to add to your bedroom interior should be functional, unfussy, and feature natural-looking characteristics.

Rounded shapes, curved lines, and asymmetry were another defining trait of mid-century modern design.

When choosing rugs, pillows, bedsheets, go with geometric shapes and patterns with wild curves.

Mid-century design is all about comfort mixed with high-style and luxury.

And nothing speaks comfort louder than pillows.

Take a short tour to the ten iconic mid-century style pillow ideas and redesign your space:

1. Soft Pillow

Soft Pillow

A white pillow with green stripes will look fantastic in your mid-century style bedroom!

2. Chevron Throw Pillows

Chevron Throw Pillows

A pair of red chevron throw pillows and a square white, gray chevron throw pillow to add into your bedroom or living room!

3. Decorative Pillow

Decorative Pillow

Perfect for any occasion!

4. Checkerboard Texture

Mid-Century Pillow Ideas

Pillows in checkerboard texture are one of the popular mid-century styles!

5. Geometrical Patterns

Geometrical Patterns

Geometrical shapes and patterns are a hallmark of mid-century style.

Consider pillows, sheets, and coverlets in geometrical patterns as well!

6. Yellow Details

Mid-Century Pillow Ideas

Have a look at this bedroom settings!

Yellow color cushions in black and white interiors are creating a unique style statement!!

7. Combination Of Silver & Golden

Mid-Century Pillow Ideas

We have often seen this beautiful combination of silver and gold in jewelry pieces.

And in this bedroom also, this blend is creating magic!

8. Pillows & Comforter in Geometric Pattern

Pillows & Comforter in Geometric Pattern

A modern bed with tapered legs and pillows and comforter in a geometric pattern.

Note the two nightstands on bedside desks in a white interior!

9. Orange

Mid-Century Pillow Ideas

The combination of plain and striped pillows in orange color on orange bedding will definitely create a serene look.

10. Stylish Windows 

Stylish Windows

Add a few stylish pillows into your window sill to make your space more livable and luxurious!

As some people usually hesitate to incorporate mid-century style into their bedroom, they can make a small start with pillows.

Following this, one can start adding mid-century style artwork, retro-style mirrors, and some light fixtures.

Keep in mind, this is your bedroom, space you will spend your 1/3 life in.

So keep it calming and try adding playful pops of color for visual interest.

Try playing with textures in pillows, bedding, upholstered headboards, throws, and area rugs.

Design your bedroom in mid-century style and have luxury and comfort in one place! Enjoy!!

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