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Oura Ring Sleep Tracker Review

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Fitness trackers and sleep trackers have evolved over the years, but they aren’t discreet or understated. Oura Ring solves this dilemma by combining a fashionable jewelry item and a data collecting device into one product.

The Oura Smart Ring provides detailed insight into your overall health and sleep activity to help you build better habits and make good lifestyle choices.

It is equipped with advanced infrared LED sensors, an NTC body temperature sensor, a gyroscope and a 3D accelerometer. It is lighter than a conventional ring and has a long battery life of 7 days.

How does the Oura Ring Sleep Tracker work?


oura ring sleep tracker

The Oura Ring sleep tracker measures different health metrics like heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature, and more through advanced sensors.

Throughout the day, this unit tracks your steps and distance travelled. It provides data on the calories burned and gives you an idea of your inactive and active time.

You can consider these metrics to set a calorie-burning goal on your app and follow your preferred activities to achieve it. After 50 minutes of inactivity, the app can remind you to get moving.

Apart from keeping track of your activities throughout the day, this sleep tracker works by monitoring your sleep. It monitors your sleep through the REM, deep, and light sleeping stages. Plus, it provides you with a personalized sleep score every morning.

Pros and Cons

oura ring review


  • Up to 7 days of battery life
  • Lightweight titanium design
  • Water-resistant construction of up to 100m (more than 328 ft)
  • Available in different sleek and polished finishes
  • Equipped with unrivaled sleep monitoring features


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t have smart alarm features

Unique Features

oura ring sleep tracker

The Oura smart ring is truly one of a kind and stands out with the following features:


The Oura Ring Tracker is constructed with lightweight and durable titanium with PVD coating. It is non-allergenic and non-metallic with a seamless inner molding and weighs less than a conventional ring.

The Oura ring has a 2.55mm thick design with a distinctive and statement look. Plus, it is water-resistant up to 100m (more than 328 ft)


The Oura ring is available in two different styles: Balance and Heritage.

The Balance model has a pointed ring face and is available in three finishes: Silver, Black and Diamond.

The Heritage model has a flat ring top design and is available in four finishes: silver, black, matte gray and gold.

The Oura ring charges fully in 20 to 80 mins and has a long battery life of up to a week. You can connect it to your fitness apps to sync your workouts, and it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Advanced Sleep Tracking Features

The Oura Ring provides unparalleled sleep tracking. It doesn’t just measure nap times and inactivity. It is explicitly designed to track and provide insight into light, deep, and REM sleep stages.

It also measures the disturbances throughout the night, time taken to fall asleep, and the time spent in bed. You can better understand your health and body status by personalized sleep, activity, and readiness scores.

Plus, the Oura ring can track respiratory rate, body temperature variability and resting heart rate. The Oura app shows you the progress you have made towards your daily activity goal.


The Oura Ring sleep tracker is convenient and comfortable to wear. It has a lightweight design and isn’t bothersome at all, ensuring your comfort and ease of use at all times. The app is user-friendly and allows you to see daily, weekly, and monthly trends to get a clear picture of how crucial and impactful your everyday choices are for your health.

How Does the Oura Ring Sleep Tracker Compare with Other Models?

Echo Loop and Motive ring give the Oura ring tough competition, but they are no longer produced.

Another competitor of the Oura Ring is the Go2Sleep ring.

The Go2Sleep ring is available in three sizes only (small, medium and large size). In comparison, the Oura ring comes in ring sizes 6 to 13, so you have more options to choose from.

The Go2Sleep ring doesn’t track activity (workouts, steps, etc.) throughout the day. It is strictly a sleep tracker, whereas the Oura Ring is an activity and sleep tracker.

The Oura Ring is more expensive than the Go2Sleep ring.

Issues & Concerns

The Oura ring has several excellent features, but it has a few issues, such as:


The Oura Ring is quite expensive. Other sleep trackers offer similar features at a lower price, but they lack a premium design.

Lack of a Smart Alarm Feature

The Oura ring lacks a smart alarm feature that is usually present in most sleep trackers, which is quite disappointing. It lacks certain other smart features as well, like the capability of tracking workouts in real-time. It also offers limited activity and workout features.

How To Use the Oura Ring Sleep Tracker?

Here’s what you need to do to start using your Oura Ring:

  • Download the Oura app (available for iOS and Android) and make an account
  • Place the ring on its charger
  • Open your phone’s Bluetooth and pair it with the ring
  • You can choose to allow or deny getting notifications
  • If you want, you can also connect it to your Apple Health or Google Fit account to sync your workouts with the respective apps for more detailed insights
  • Next, fill up your information, including your birthday, height, weight, and gender. You can choose between imperial and metric units.
  • The app will ask you for more information about your goals and lifestyle. You can skip this questionnaire or even change your answers later in the ‘My Profile section.’
  • Finally, the app may download some firmware updates, after which you are ready to go.


  • Material: Lightweight Titanium
  • Weight: 4 to 6 grams
  • Width: 7.9: mm
  • Thickness: 2.55mm
  • Battery Life: 7 days
  • Water Resistance: 100m (more than 328 ft)
  • App: iOS and Android
  • Available in: Flat top and pointed top deigns
  • Colors: Gray, Black, Gold, Silver

Where to Buy

Interested? You can get order your Oura Ring Sleep tracker directly from the manufacturer’s website.

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