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SleepScore Max Sleep Tracker Review

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SleepScore Max is one of the best sleep trackers these days that you can rely on to evaluate your sleep. You can use it to check both the duration and quality of your sleep. It has sleek dimensions and a stylish design that goes well with your interior design.

It is a non-contact sleep tracker for those who do not like to wear tracking devices while sleeping.

The SleepScore Max not only tracks the quality of rest but also helps you improve your sleep by giving you important insights. You can use the information it acquires to identify your sleep patterns.

The SleepScore Max sleep tracker delivers accurate information about your sleep. It is an efficient way of tracking your sleep without having to worry about electrodes or mattress strips.

Verified customers state that the SleepScore Max helps improve their overall well-being.

How does the SleepScore Max Sleep Tracker Work?

The SleepScore Max sleep tracker uses advanced technology to track your sleep. It uses echolocation based on the technique that bats use for navigation.

The echolocators in this tracker send out low-power radio waves. The person sleeping next to the tracker reflects these back, which the tracker then picks and records.

The SleepScore Max tracker also tracks your body movements with the help of echolocation. So, you can monitor different aspects of your quality of rest.

A scoring system in the SleepScore Max sleep tracker records the sleep duration and the time you took to fall asleep.

The SleepScore Max also records REM sleep, which helps you identify light and deep sleep patterns. SleepScore Max displays this data in the form of a hypnogram. It also notes the light and temperature conditions in your room to help you understand your sleep conditions better.

Pros and Cons


  • Contactless tracker helps with a comfortable sleep
  • A thorough analysis of breathing
  • Checks for REM sleep
  • Tracks sleep duration and quality
  • No noise production
  • Prepares a 30-day sleep report
  • The frame blends with the surroundings
  • Simple and practical design
  • It comes with a smart alarm
  • Tracks room temperature and lighting
  • Personalized data for insight into sleep quality
  • It comes with a warranty of 12 months


  • Initial setup takes time
  • Not suitable for travelling

Unique Features

sleepscore max review

SleepScore Max is an incredible sleep tracker with unique features. It comes with a host of features that make it worth the purchase.

Elegant Design

The SleepScore Max has a classy and practical design. The gray rectangular frame is quite compact and measures 150 mm x 100 mm x 55 mm. This makes it easy to set it on your nightstand or bedside table without clearing up much space.

The neutral gray color blends in with most interiors, so it does not look out of place in your room.

Smart Alarm

A smart alarm in the SleepScore Max wakes you up when you are in a stage of light sleep. This way, it helps you wake up feeling more refreshed and energetic. It does not wake you from a deep sleep, as that can be very disturbing.

LED Indicator

With an LED indicator on the tracker, you can easily identify if it is connected to your smartphone. The indicator turns green once it connects to your device. It gradually fades after 15 seconds to avoid disturbing you.

Personalized Sleep Report

You can get a personalized sleep report of 30 days, including the duration of sleep and the breathing rate throughout the night. This report can help you keep track of your sleep hygiene that you can show to your doctor, too.


SleepScore Max sleep tracker comes with a warranty of 12 months.

Room Conditions Record

This tracker keeps a record of the room conditions like temperature and lighting. You can compare this data with your sleep duration and patterns to see which conditions are best for you.

Monitors Sleep Patterns

Sleep cycles are a major part of sleep hygiene, so you need to consider them carefully. The SleepScore Max sleep tracker assesses your breathing rate and movement to track light, deep and REM sleep. This helps you know if you had a peaceful sleep.

Quality Sleep Tips

The SleepScore Max app has a separate tab named Sleep Guide, which gives you tips on improving sleep hygiene. It tells you techniques to unwind and relax so that you can sleep better.

It also tells you of the kinds of food that can help you have a quality sleep based on your body’s patterns.

Tracks Noise Levels

The SleepScore Max picks out any noises in your surroundings, which helps you know how much noise goes unnoticed while you sleep. This way, you can control noise better to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

SleepScore Max Sleep Tracker Vs. Its Competitors

sleepscore max review

The SleepScore Max is one of the best sleep trackers on the market, both in terms of affordability and functioning.

It has a sleek design, so you can set it up on your nightstand easily. Other sleep trackers can be bulky and space-consuming, and you have to free up more space for them.

Another thing that distinguishes the SleepScore Max from other trackers like Nokia or Withings Sleep is the smart alarm.

The SleepScore Max also notes the room conditions, which is not possible in most other sleep trackers. This helps compare data to see which temperature and light help you sleep best.

Plus, the LED indicator lets you know that it is connected. Not all other sleep trackers have an indicator to inform you if your tracker is connected to your device.

The SleepScore Max comes with a warranty of 12 months, which is more than what most competitor models offer.

Issues & Concerns

resmed sleep score

The SleepScore Max is a great sleep tracker, but it has a few issues, too. These include:

USB Power Supply Unit

A significant problem with the SleepScore Max is that it uses a particular power supply unit. You have to connect it to the power supply unit via a USB cable to make it work. So, you can use it only if you have the power supply unit that comes with the tracker.

People who travel a lot will find it hard to connect it with a power supply whenever they want to sleep.

For Single Users Only

Another issue is that the SleepScore Max is designed for single users only. This is not much of a problem since most sleep trackers are designed for one-person use and record data for one person only.

How to Use the SleepScore Max Sleep Tracker

To make the most out of your SleepScore Max sleep tracker, you have to position it the right way.

Since it uses echolocation technology, make sure you place it directly in front of your face and chest. It is best to keep it at arm’s length or a maximum distance of 3.9 feet.

Once you place it at the right point, set up the mobile application. Connect the tracker to your smartphone via Bluetooth and feed in the required details on the app.

You can even set up an alarm on the SleepScore Max to wake you up before you go to sleep.


  • Dimensions of 100 x 55 x 150 mm
  • It weighs only 0.55 pounds
  • Manual tracking mode
  • Easy-to-use mobile application
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Light, deep and REM sleep cycles
  • Records sleep interruptions
  • LED indicator for connection
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Smart alarm to wake from light sleep
  • Monitors breathing rate
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Temperature and light sensors
  • USB power cable for power supply

Where to Buy

You can get the SleepScore Max sleep tracker from

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