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PlushBeds Luxury Bliss vs. Brentwood Cedar Mattress Comparison

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PlushBeds Luxury Bliss is a luxury latex hybrid mattress made with certified organic latex and pocket coils. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wantsboth the comfort and safety of organic latex as well as the support and responsiveness of pocket coils, all at an affordable price.

Brentwood Cedar is also a luxury latex hybrid mattress made with pocket coils and various organic natural materials, including Dunlop latex, wool, cotton, and coconut husks. It’s a great option for anyone looking for an eco-friendly mattress offering firm support.

What’s In This Comparison?

In this head-to-head, we compare the PlushBeds Luxury Bliss and the Brentwood Cedar mattresses.

They are both organic latex hybrid mattresses but with varying levels of comfort and distinct sleep experiences.

We also compare their home trials, returns, warranty, and shipping.

If neither of these is what you are looking for, see our best latex mattress reviews for other top-rated recommendations, including all latexmattresses without any coils.

Plushbeds Luxury Bliss vs. Brentwood Cedar: Which One Should You Buy?

Buy the PlushBeds Luxury Bliss if you are a side sleeper or prefer a softer mattress that hugs your body. The Luxury Bliss is the only one to offer a softer comfort option.  The Luxury Bliss is also the best option if you want a twin, twin XL, or Full-size mattress.

Buy the Brentwood Cedar if you want a luxury latex hybrid mattress with firm support. Brentwood’s firmer comfort level makes it especially suitable for back and stomach sleepers.

How Do Plushbeds Luxury Bliss and Brentwood Cedar Compare?


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  • Both Brentwood Cedar and Luxury Bliss are luxury hybrid mattresses. They combine organic latex with pocket coils.
  • The two mattresses have excellent cooling performance thanks to the pocket coil base and the naturally cool materials (wool, cotton and latex). Hot sleepers will sleep comfortably on either mattress.
  • The latex hybrid design guarantees excellent support, whether you buy the Cedar or Luxury Bliss mattress. These mattresses will not sag or crater the way cheaper foam mattresses do.
  • Both PlushBeds and Brentwood offer a 25-year warranty on their mattresses. Whichever mattress you get, you can easily expect it to last a long time.
  • Both PlushBeds and Brentwood are great choices for sleepers who want an eco-friendly and safe mattress. Neither mattress contains any synthetic materials or chemicals. They both also have multiple certifications guaranteeing their safety and eco-friendliness.

Key Differences

brentwood cedar mattress

  • The Luxury Bliss mattress has a simpler design and uses fewer materials. Just two layers (latex and pocket coils) wrapped in an organic cotton and wool cover. Brentwood Cedar, in contrast, contains wool (two different types), cotton, latex, cotton husks, and pocket coils.
  • Perhaps because of the extra materials, the Brentwood Cedar mattress costs slightly more than the Luxury Bliss mattress.
  • You get only three size options with the Brentwood Cedar mattress: Queen, King and Cal King. The Luxury Bliss is available in all standard sizes plus a split King option.
  • Luxury Bliss also offers two comfort options, while the Brentwood Cedar mattress is available in a single firm comfort option.
  • PlushBeds offers a 100-night trial period, while Brentwood lets you try out the mattress for a whole year. Also, Brentwood has free returns, while PlushBeds charges $149 for handling a return.



PlushBeds Luxury Bliss and Brentwood Cedar are priced roughly the same, with Cedar being slightly more expensive. Here’s a price comparison table.


PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Brentwood Cedar
Twin $1,199.50 n/a
Twin XL $1,249.50 n/a
Full $1,349.50 n/a
Queen $1,499.50 $1,499
King $1,749.50 $1,799
Cal King $1,749.50 $1,799


Both PlushBeds and Brentwood offer third-party financing in case you want to split your payments over time.


PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Brentwood Cedar
Size 12” 11”
Construction 3” organic Dunlop latex and 8” pocket coils Organic cotton, organic wool, organic Dunlop latex, pocket coils & coconut husks
Firmness Medium & medium-firm Medium-firm
Cover Organic cotton and wool Organic cotton and wool
Trial Period 100 nights 1 year
Warranty 25yrs 25yrs
Shipping Free Free


Mattress Construction

While both PlushBeds Luxury Bliss and Brentwood Cedar are latex hybrids, there are some differences in their construction and materials.

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss

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The Luxury Bliss mattress has a very simple 2-layer design: a comfort layer of GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex and a thick base of individually encased coils.

Wrapping the two layers is a soft organic cotton cover with organic wool sewn under it to provide fire protection, moisture-wicking and temperature regulation.

The Luxury Bliss mattress is 12” thick.

Brentwood Cedar

brentwood cedar mattress

The Cedar mattress boasts more materials and layers. But they are all-natural, so the mattress is just as safe and eco-friendly as the Luxury Bliss.

Let’s start with the cover. It’s organic cotton. Under the cover is soft quilting consisting of organic cotton fibers.

Next are three layers of wool: two made with organic New Zealand wool and one consisting of organic Alpaca wool.

A 1.5” layer of GOLS-certified Dunlop latex comes next. This layer is specially constructed with a zoned design that provides targeted support and pressure relief to different sections of your body.

The mattress's core is an 8” layer of pocket coils that provide support, ventilation and responsiveness. Like the latex layer, the pocket coil layer is also zoned to provide better body contouring and spinal alignment.

The base is a 0.5” layer consisting of Dunlop latex mixed with coconut husks.

All these layers are secured together with hand-tufted wool rosettes, which gives the mattress a beautiful and luxurious look.

The Brentwood Cedar mattress is 11” thick.

Comfort and Firmness

The PlushBeds Luxury Bliss has two comfort options, while the Brentwood Cedar mattress has a universal medium-firm feel designed to appeal to different types of sleepers.

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss

plush beds mattress reviews

When ordering the Luxury Bliss mattress, you can choose between a medium and medium-firm comfort level.

The medium molds more to your body and has deeper contouring. This makes it a good choice for side sleepers and sleepers weighing under 230lbs.

The medium-firm Luxury Bliss has less contouring, making it the more supportive option for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and people weighing over 230lbs.

Brentwood Cedar

plushbeds luxury bliss

The Cedar mattress is available in just one comfort option – medium-firm. Even with the plush cotton and wool materials on top, it still feels quite firm.

We recommend the Brentwood Cedar for back sleepers, stomach sleepers and heavier folks who need the extra support.

The manufacturer says you can enjoy a softer feel by purchasing the optional organic latex topper. But that adds to the overall cost of the mattress.

If you want a soft feel without spending more money on a topper, we recommend the medium comfort Luxury Bliss. But if you sleep better on a mattress with firm support, Brentwood Cedar is a great choice.

Sleeping Experience

Here’s how each mattress does in terms of support, responsiveness, motion transfer, cooling, and off-gassing.

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss

Both the medium and medium-firm Luxury Bliss mattresses have excellent support. The dense Dunlop latex and the pocket coils keep the mattress from sagging and cratering, even after years of use.

This support extends all the way to the edge of the mattress, so you can sleep anywhere you want and still sleep comfortably.

Responsiveness/bounciness is higher than you get on a foam mattress. Couples will love it for obvious reasons.

The bounciness is not just good for sex; it also makes it easier to change sleeping positions and get out of bed.

Motion transfer is more noticeable on these mattresses than on a foam mattress, but not enough to wake you up when your partner moves. The pocket coils keep most of the disturbance from transferring across the bed.

Hot sleepers will love sleeping on the Luxury Bliss mattress. It stays cool in all seasons. The organic cotton and wool cover also does a great job of keeping you sweat-free.

Off-gassing is virtually non-existent in the PlushBeds Luxury Bliss mattress because of the natural materials used. You may smell a mild rubber smell, but it goes away quickly, and most people don't find it unpleasant.

Brentwood Cedar

brentwood cedar mattress

The Brentwood Cedar mattress provides great support for back and stomach sleepers. Heavier folks will also appreciate how well the latex and pocket coils hold up over time.

You won’t notice the different zones of the latex and pocket coil layers, but they improve the overall sleeping experience by keeping your spine properly aligned and eliminating pressure points.

Similar to the Luxury Bliss, Brentwood Cedar also has better than average edge support thanks to the core of pocket coils.

Warranty and Returns

Brentwood is more generous with its returns and warranty, while PlushBeds offers a convenient comfort exchange option.

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss

Best Latex Mattress

The PlushBeds Luxury Bliss comes with a standard 100-night in-home trial. Though most mattresses at this price point offer longer trial periods, 100 nights is still plenty of time to test the mattress.

If you don't like how the mattress feels, reach out to PlushBeds to discuss how to make it more comfortable. Depending on your needs, they’ll switch the existing top layer with a softer or firmer layer at no cost.

But if you’d instead return the mattress, you have to bear the costs of shipping the mattress back or have PlushBeds pick it up and charge you a freight fee of $149. So, no free returns.

If you keep the mattress, the warranty is 25 years long. It’s split into a 10-year full warranty and a 15-year prorated warranty.

Brentwood Cedar

25 Year Warranty

You can try out the Brentwood Cedar mattress in your home for a whole year. That gives you plenty of time to test the mattress under different conditions and in different seasons.

In case you don't like the mattress, Brentwood Home will arrange to have it picked up for recycling or donation to a charity. Returns are free; you’ll not be charged any restocking or shipping fees.

If you keep the mattress, the warranty runs for 25 years and is largely structured the same way as PlushBeds’ warranty. You get 10 years of full coverage and 15 years of prorated coverage.

Shipping and Delivery

Free Delivery

Both PlushBeds and Brentwood Home offer free shipping for their mattresses within the contiguous United States.

Delivery typically takes anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks.

If you need help setting up the mattress, only Brentwood has a white glove delivery service. The couriers will carry the mattress inside your home and even set it up for you for a certain price. You can also have the old mattress taken away.

Foundation and Frame

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss and Brentwood Cedar work best on solid foundations.

Brentwood Home, in particular, is strict about the quality of foundation you use. If it’s not an approved type, it could void your mattress warranty.

If you are also buying a new base or foundation, we recommend buying from the same company you bought the mattress from. Both PlushBeds and Brentwood Home sell a variety of bases and foundations made specifically for their mattresses.

Both mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases, too.

Care and Cleaning

Definitely buy a mattress protector for either the the Luxury Bliss or Brentwood Cedar, because you cannot remove and wash the cotton covers on either odf these beds.

If a stain gets on the cover, your only option is to spot-clean with water and mild detergent.

You do not need to flip either of these mattresses since they are one-sided. But it’s a good idea to rotate them every few months.

Brentwood recommends rotating its mattresses from head to toe every month for the first six months and then every alternate month after the initial 6 month period.

Where To Get The Best Deal

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress

Brentwood Cedar Mattress

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