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Our Leesa Hybrid (Sapira) Mattress Review

Sapira Mattress Review - front view with model

The Leesa Hybrid (Sapira) mattress by Leesa is a luxury hybrid mattress that costs way less compared to similar mattresses in stores.

The 11” mattress consists of three layers.

There are a cooling and pressure-relief layer on top designed to provide instant comfort and contouring when you lie on the mattress.

The second layer consists of memory foam which provides extra pressure relief to prevent discomfort in your lower back, hips, and shoulders.

Finally, there’s a layer of pocketed coils sandwiched between two stabilizing foam layers. The coils provide support, contouring, and ventilation (important for cooling).

In addition to the three layers, the mattress is draped in a soft and stretchy cover made from polyester and Lycra. It is highly breathable, ensuring you stay cool and dry through the night.

Overall, the Leesa Hybrid (Sapira) mattress feels very luxurious. It provides a nice blend of soft pressure relief and firm responsiveness for a great sleeping experience.

The mattress comes in only one firmness level – medium firm. It’s engineered to be comfortable for most types of sleepers. We especially recommend it for couples because it has very little motion transfer and is excellent for sex (it’s bouncy and stays cool & fresh).  

As is standard with most online mattresses, you’ll get a 100-night trial period when you buy the Leesa Hybrid (Sapira) mattress.

Returns are completely free (but Hawaii and Alaska customers pay $100 return fee), so there is no risk at all when you order the Leesa Hybrid (Sapira) mattress. If you don’t like it, they’ll pick it up for free and give you a full refund.

The warranty is a bit short (10 years) for an innerspring mattress. But it’s long enough especially considering the price.

Also, the warranty is non-prorated, so you won’t have to pay anything to have the mattress repaired or replaced during the 10-year coverage period.

If you are looking for an affordable pocket spring mattress, Leesa Hybrid (Sapira) is one of the best. It delivers a luxury sleeping experience at a bargain price. Our discount code makes it an especially pocket-friendly option.

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