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10 Sleek New Modern Dresser Ideas

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For modern interiors, choosing the right furniture style is essential to home design, especially when it comes to storage. 

A great bedroom dresser doesn't just add functionality; it should also enhance the overall feel of your room.

There are three things you need to consider when selecting a modern bedroom dresser: style, size, and storage.

In this article, we deal with the first: style.

Modern dressers usually feature square and clean lines, simple materials, and flat or smooth finishes.

Here are ten sleek new modern dresser ideas to help you find the right style for your boudoir:

1. Modular Rules

Modern Dresser Ideas

A modular, sleek dresser with six drawers and cabinet, making it a perfect addition for any modern bedroom.

2. Concrete Dresser

Modern Dresser Ideas

Here's a unique, modern concrete dresser paired with a comfy sofa on the side.

Note the architectural elements on the top and the mirrored pieces on the wall that bring this room together into a truly funky industrial space.

3. Blue Dresser

Modern Dresser

This simple blue dresser would work in almost any kind of modern bedroom, dressing room, or even a living room.

I love the color – it would work well as an accent piece in an otherwise white-on-gray space.

4. Low Rise

Modern Dresser Ideas

This classic mid-century modern style dresser works well in almost any modern bedroom or living room.

But not if your bed is tall.

5. Bold Flat Black

Bold Flat Black

Classic, modern, bold, elegant – these are a few words to define this enchanting large modern dresser in flat black.

This kind of a bold, large, and simple piece to be accessorized.

Note the mock-up photo frame, lamp, and vases.

6. For the Living Room, too

For the Living Room

This stylish gray-on-blonde wood dresser makes straight lines interesting!

A perfect low-rise addition to any mid-century modern or industrial modern sleeping space, too.

7. Modern Asymmetry

Modern Asymmetry

This dresser with a casual look and its interesting and clean lines adds an asymmetrical, natural, and completely modern touch to any room.

8. Graphic Patterns

Graphic Patterns

This simple wooden dresser with four drawers and a cool woven-graphic pattern on the front draws the eye.


9. For Smaller Spaces

For Smaller Spaces

A perfect modern dresser for smaller apartments and bedrooms.

10. Go Low & Go High

Go Low & Go High

I'm always looking for unique designs like this one.

Note how this stylish L-shaped modern dresser works so well with the plant in a glass jar, white mock-up frame, and the pendant light on the side.

Picking the right modern dresser is not a difficult task.

Always go with clean lines, a casual look, durable materials, and smooth but interesting finishes.

Once found, make sure you accessorize your dresser with other modern touches such as a stylish clock, a vase with fresh flowers, a funky cool lamp, and other decorative elements.

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