Farmhouse Dresser Ideas

10 Warm and Inviting Farmhouse Dresser Ideas

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Everyone knows that dressers are a required part of any modern bedroom

You never have enough drawers to store clothing and other things as you want.

But what do farmhouse dressers look like?

Farmhouse style dressers are almost always made of wood – pine, oak, cherry, and walnut are most common.

Often, farmhouse dressers look distressed or exude a well-used country home.

With simple metalwork, handles and legs, farmhouse dressers are simple and charming – as well as spacious and functional.

The finishes you will often see include natural wood, pinewood, distressed white, or weathered grey.

Check out these ten warm and inviting farmhouse dresser ideas to stimulate your ideas.

1. Vintage Design

Vintage Design

A beautiful classic traditional dresser in mahogany wood with five drawers for optimal storage space.

2. Rustic Green

Rustic Green farmhouse dresser

Now we’re talking – this green rustic farmhouse dresser has two drawers and one cabinet.

You can easily store your clothing in the cabinet and frequently used accessories in the two drawers.

3. Traditional Design

Traditional Design

Traditional pieces can deliver a more upscale farmhouse style look, with an elegant design.

Note the hand-carved flourishes and simple handle design.

4. A Retro Design

A Retro Design

Lots of people are turning farmhouses into modern retreats – and this retro wood dresser will look fabulous, holding a record player in any farmhouse bedroom.

5. Classic Wood-Topped Dresser

Classic Wood-Topped Dresser

This is a highly functional dresser in an elegant white with three small and two large drawers.

The exposed wood top is both rustic and functional.

6. For Larger Spaces

Farmhouse Dresser Ideas

This large dresser with eight large drawers provides ample storage space for your everyday essentials.

Although modern in design, the worn stain finish also works in any farmhouse setting.

7. DIY Colorful Patterned Dresser 

Farmhouse Dresser Ideas

A perfect modern addition to any kid’s bedroom.

8. Black and White Works Too

Farmhouse Dresser Ideas

Although most farmhouse-style rooms rely on warm natural finishes, this black and white dresser works well, too – especially if your space also leans on modern pieces.

9. Light Grey

Farmhouse Dresser Ideas

This distressed light grey dresser is a perfect addition to any smaller farmhouse bedroom.

10. European Funk

Farmhouse Dresser Ideas

Check out this gorgeous euro-styled dresser in blue with drawers and cabinets.

This dresser provides plenty of storage space, plus it will work as an elegant decorative piece in a farmhouse setting.

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