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10 Proven Products For People Who Suffer From Chronic Insomnia

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Are you suffering from chronic insomnia?

Do you want to learn to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed?

You're at the right place.

What's In This Guide?

Some days, I don't get enough sleep. Even though I haven't experienced chronic insomnia, lack of sleep impacts my ability to focus and be productive.

If you've been unable to sleep well for at least three nights a week for three consecutive months, your life is probably worse – because you qualify as having chronic insomnia.

In this guide, I look at common problems caused by chronic sleeplessness and suggest proven remedies and products to help you get a better night’s rest.

The advice in this guide is also great for people who experience occasional sleeplessness or acute sleep loss. They can help prevent their situations from deteriorating into chronic sleep loss.

Common Problems Experienced by People with Chronic Insomnia

We've all experienced sleep loss before and know how it affects our moods and productivity.

Getting too little sleep has many negative effects on our health. It even affects your overall health by increasing the risks of various diseases, including heart attacks and diabetes.

If you try the following suggestions, please consult a doctor first. They can diagnose the underlying cause of the problem or refer you to a doctor specializing in sleeping disorders.

No Sleep, No Matter How Many Sheep You Count

products for chronic insomnia

The most common symptom of chronic insomnia is the inability to fall asleep.

Some fall asleep quickly, while others need more time to get comfortable.

If you're having trouble falling asleep at night, it may be because your sleep latency time is between five and twenty-five percent longer than usual. For some people, however, it can take hours before they finally fall asleep.

If insomnia occurs along with other problems like anxiety, you can find yourself still tossing and turning in bed hours after you turn off the lights.

The first thing to consider when trying to get rid of chronic insomnia is identifying and addressing the reasons for having it.

If the reason for the problem is medical (e. g., an illness, a mental health issue, medication, etc.), see a doctor.

If the cause is related to your lifestyle (such as drinking too much caffeine), then you need to figure out a solution.

You can do several things to get to sleep earlier and stay asleep longer.

  • Make sure your bed feels good. A bad mattress or pillows makes it difficult to sleep well. If your mattress needs an upgrade, the Winkbeds Luxury Hybrid Mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses online.
  • On the comfort side, if you get too hot or cold when sleeping, use a waterproof bedding cover like the ComfiCloud Mattresses Cooler Cover to keep yourself comfortable. Or, use an active bedcooler like the ChiliSleep Dock Pro to keep your bed cool or warm.
  • Try to soothe yourself to sleep by finding a method that helps you relax. You could use an essential oil diffuser, listen to soothing music, meditate, or even bathe before bed.
  • If you suffer from GERD, lying to sleep may be one of the worst times. One thing you can do to help alleviate GERD is to elevate your head by sleeping on wedge pillows like the Kölbs Bed Wedge Pillows.

Even When You Sleep, You Don't Sleep Well

There are three main causes for why most insomniacs don't get good quality rest once they fall asleep.

  • The first thing we've already discussed is that it takes longer to go to sleep, so you cannot sleep the recommended number of hours.
  • You don't get sufficient deep restorative sleep after finally going to bed. A study has suggested that most insomniacs experience frequent REM sleep interruptions, which contribute to daytime fatigue.
  • People who suffer from chronic insomnia wake up several times during the night and struggle to fall asleep again. They spend less time sleeping deeply and get fewer than six full nights' worth of rest each week.

You can do many things to help yourself get better sleep.

Here are some ideas: buy a new mattress, maintain an ideal sleeping temperature in your bedroom, use soothing white noises to block out distractions, manage your light levels, and avoid certain foods and drinks before going to sleep.

Lights Keep You Awake

products for chronic insomnia

My bedroom has streetlights right outside my window. Even when the room is completely dark, it never gets dark. This is a big problem since I need a lot of darkness to fall asleep.

Light from the street or other homes can make it harder for people with chronic insomnia to fall asleep and remain asleep.

There are two easy ways to solve this issue.

To get the most out of sleeping at night, buy blackout curtains that completely block all outside lights from entering your room. We recommend the NICETOWN 100 percent Black Out Window Curtain Set.

An inexpensive alternative is to use a sleeping eye pillow. The MZOO 3D Eye Pillow has an innovative design that keeps your eyes comfortable while blocking all light.

Every Little Sound Wakes You Up

Some of us can't fall asleep even when there's a thunderstorm outside or the fan is too loud because we're so sensitive to noise.

Insomnia is often caused by sensitivity to noise. Any kind of noise, including the sound of cars outside or the whirring of an appliance inside the house, can affect sleep quality.

You could soundproof your room, but that would be impractical for most people and doesn't protect you from noise coming from the room.

The best solution is simply to cover the offending noises with something else. Sleeping sounds not only mask unwanted noises, but they can also help you fall asleep.

If you want to listen to soothing sounds while trying to fall asleep, you can use an app for your smartphone or tablet. However, if you don't want to be distracted by your gadget, we recommend using a white sound device like the Hatch Restore Sound Masker.

You could use an app on your smartphone to play soothing sounds through wireless earphones like the Perytong Bluetooth Headbands.

You can also use comfortable earplugs like the Loop Quiet Earplugs if the noise doesn't sound appealing to you.

Stress and Anxiety Can Worsen Insomnia

products for chronic insomnia

If racing thoughts often leave you tired and unable to concentrate, you might suffer from anxiety. You may also experience tension, inability to focus, or irritation.

Chronic anxiety and/or depression can interfere with how well and often you sleep.

Stress can sometimes cause nightmares that worsen your sleep.

If your stress or anxiousness has become so severe that it’s affecting your daily life, see a doctor and get help.

If you're having trouble sleeping because of mild stress, there are many things you can do to help relax before bedtime without breaking the bank.

There are different ways to fall asleep. Some people prefer relaxing sleep sounds, others enjoy listening to soft music, and others practice yoga or meditate before bedtime.

A weighted blanket is another highly effective way to calm yourself down when stressed out. One of our favorite weighted blankets is the YnM weighted bedding set.

Chronic Insomnia Can Worsen Pains and Aches

products for chronic insomnia

Pain can exacerbate chronic insomnia, too – for obvious rea­sons.

Chronic insomnia can also worsen your pain and aches because you need to rest to heal yourself.

This insomnia-pain cycle can make life even worse for several different reasons.

  • If you can't sleep because you're suffering from insomnia, you may feel more aware of the aches and pains in your body. This could lead to the perception of greater discomfort.
  • If you're not sleeping well, pain from an injury or surgery may be harder to heal.
  • Lack of sleep causes increased levels of inflammation, leading to pain and disease.

Manage pain and ache to get rid of insomnia.

If an underlying medical problem causes the pain, talk to your doctor. He/she may be able to prescribe medications to help alleviate the pain.

There are several ways to treat back, neck, and other types of pain at home. Some ideas include using an electric stimulator (TENS), applying hot or cold packs, doing stretches, and massaging sore muscles.

A good device to use when experiencing muscle fatigue and/or aches is the Zyllion shiatsu massage tool. It deeply massages sore muscles and applies heat for better results.

Other Sleep Tips & Solutions For Chronic Insomnia

products for chronic insomnia

There are many other ways to improve your sleeping habits without spending much money. The most effective ones include the following:

  • Adopt healthy sleep habits. Make sure you adopt healthy sleeping habits by limiting caffeine intake after lunch, turning off devices at least two hours before bed, and keeping consistent bedtimes and wake-ups.
  • CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, is a proven treatment for sleep disorders. The best part is you can do it yourself! It can also assist you in controlling the causes of chronic insomnia, such as stress and anxiety.
  • Doctors don't recommend sleeping pills for the long term because they're not good for you. They may cause unpleasant side effects and can lead to addiction. If you're looking for an alternative to sleeping pills, consider using natural herbs like valerian, dietary supplements like magnesium or calcium, or plant extracts like lavender.
  • Make sure your bedroom stays between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. It helps your body relax and fall asleep better. You can use a portable air conditioner if your central AC isn't efficient enough.
  • Exercise regularly. It helps you sleep better at night. However, don't exercise right before bed because that might keep you awake longer than usual.
  • Don't nap during the day unless absolutely necessary.
  • If you're in your bedroom without any sleep, don't just lie there struggling to fall asleep. Stay in your room but get up and do something else like reading until you start feeling less anxious.

Top 10 Products For People Who Suffer From Chronic Insomnia

  1. Best Mattress For Insomnia: WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid Mattress
  2. Best Bed Cooling & Heating System: ChiliSleep Dock Pro
  3. Best Cooling Mattress Pad: ComfiCloud Cooling Waterproof Mattress Pad
  4. Best Sleep Sound Machine: Hatch Restore Sound Machine
  5. Best Aromatherapy Kit: Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set
  6. Best Blackout Curtains: NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtains
  7. Best Sleep Mask: MZOO 3D Sleep Eye Mask
  8. Best Weighted Blanket: YnM Weighted Blanket
  9. Best Heated Massager: Zyllion Shiatsu Massager With Heat
  10. Best Wedge Pillow: Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow

1. Best Mattress For Insomnia: WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid Mattress

products for chronic insomnia

I like the WinkBedds Luxury Hybrid mattress for insomnia because it is one of their most comfortable mattresses. It has everything you want from a good night’s rest – plush pressure relief, firmer support, and breathable comfort.


  • There are four firmness options to select from.
  • Great customer service and pressure release
  • Sleeps cool
  • Minimal motion transfer


  • Choosing the right firmness can be difficult.

Our Review

If you think your bed is causing you to wake up tired every morning, consider upgrading to the Luxe Hybrid Mattress from Winkbeds.

Unlike most matt­resses that compromise on some aspects (e.g., comfy but too warm, plush but not supportive enough, etc.), the WinkBeds hybrid bed is a complete package.

With its combination of plush foams on top of pocketed coils, the Hybrid Mattress provides pressure relief and support.

The Winkbeds mattress begins with a luxurious euro pillow-topped gel-infused memory foam core. A breathable Tencel fabric covers it.

It doesn't use any memory foam because it wants to be cool for everyone.

Underneath the pillow is a layer of soft foam that conforms to your body and supports your head and neck. There's a zoned pocketed coil system for added support in your middle section to help keep your back straight.

The pocket coil, breathable fabric, and gel-infused foam distribute excess body heat. If you're having trouble sleeping because your bed is too warm, the WinkBed is the perfect solution.

Another thing to remember is that the WinkBedds mattresses have SleepCalm motion isolation technology that prevents partners from waking each other up by moving during sleep.

If your insomnia makes going back to sleep difficult even if your spouse doesn't move, the WinkBeds mattress ensures you remain asleep regardless of whether your spouse moves or not.

The WinkBeds bed has four firmness levels, including a plus option for heavier sleep­ers and couples.

For most people, the Luxury Firm mattress is the best option. It offers extra comfort for side sleepers, more support for back and belly sleepers, and less bounce than the Medium Firm.

Issues & Limitations

Four firmness levels are a good thing because you can choose the mattress that suits you best. However, to be honest, deciding which level to choose can be confusing.

Fortunately, WinkBeds has a helpful firmness guide on their product page.

WinkBeds allows returns and exchanges within 120 days after purchase.

2. Best Bed Cooling & Heating System: ChiliSleep Dock Pro

products for chronic insomnia

Sleeping hot or cold will exacerbate sleep disorders.

Sleeping at an average room temperature of 60 to 67°F (15 to 20°C) is best.

The Chili Sleep Dock Pro is the best device for maintaining a perfect sleep temperature all year round.

Using a small number of tiny tubes filled with water warms or cools your backside and ensures you sleep at the perfect temperature all night.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Powerful cooling and heating
  • No wires on your bed
  • Single and couple options are available


  • WiFi app control is a little buggy

Our Review

There are several ways to keep your bedroom cool enough so you can fall asleep easily. You can use an adjustable thermostat, install a space heater, or purchase a portable air conditioner unit.

But we think the best option for keeping your bedroom cool during the summer and warm during the winter is an active bed cooling system like ChiliSleep's Dock Pro.

Because it heats/cools just your bed and not your entire room, the DockPro effectively keeps your body at the right temperature without consuming as much energy as adjusting the thermostat.

One of the best things about the Dock Pro is its ability to heat and cool your bed during any season.

The Dock Pro includes the main unit that warms or cools the water and the Chilipad mattress pad that contain the tubes that pass the water near your body.

The main unit heats or cools water to the desired setting and then circulates it throughout the mattress pad to heat or cool you.

You can choose any temperature between 55 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit and automatically adjust it while sleeping.

If hot flashes or night sweats cause you to sleep poorly, the Dock Pro is one of the best solutions available.

There's also a dual-sided Dock Pro for couples with two separate temperature controls.

Issues & Limitations

The ChiliSleep Dock Pro is not cheap. It costs about the same as a decent-quality foam mattress.

If you're on a tight budget, consider using less expensive methods for heating or keeping warm, such as a heated mattress cover or electric blanket.

As for the Chili Sleep Dock Pro, I think it's worth the price. It will make a big difference in how well you rest.

3. Best Cooling Mattress Pad: ComfiCloud Cooling Waterproof Mattress Pad

products for chronic insomnia

If you tend to get hot during the day and struggle to fall asleep, we suggest trying out a cooling mattress pad. We especially like the ComFiCloud waterproof mattress pad.

It protects your bed from dust mites and is cheaper than the ChilliSleep Dock Pro.


  • Cool and breathable
  • Soft surface
  • Waterproof backing
  • Machine washable


Our Review

The ComFiCloud mattress pad is a cheap solution for dealing with a hot mattress that makes you wake up in the middle of the night.

The top layer of the ComfiCloud bedding consists of 70 percent bamboo and 30 percent polyester. Raylon® is one of the most breathable materials.

Because the ComfiCloud mattress cover is mostly made from bamboo, it keeps you cooler than most other mattresses.

Many customers report that they've found their mattresses cooler when using this product.

It also helps protect your mattress. The ComfiCloud Mattress Protector has a waterproof backing, which also works as a bedding protector.

Don't worry – it's nothing like an old-fashioned mattress protector.

The ComfiCloud bedding set looks like a regular fitted sheet. It fits securely onto most mattresses, including thicker pillows and mattresses with a topper.

Note: The ComfiCloud bedding system feels soft but won't change your mattress's firmness. You'll still get the same level of support from your current pillow.

Issues & Limitations

If you're sleeping hot, experiencing hot flashes, or living in a place where summers get hot, the ComfiCloud bedding might not be powerful enough to keep your body temperature down.

It's no match for an active bed cooling system like the ChiliSleep DockPro.

4. Best Sleep Sound Machine: Hatch Restore Sound Machine

products for chronic insomnia

I love listening to white noise or natural sound effects to help me sleep better.

One of the best I've tried is the Hatch Restore Sound Machine.  It has a built-in sound library and functions as an alarm and nightlight.


  • Built-in library- no need to sleep next to your phone
  • Has a night light
  • Also doubles as a clock
  • A customizable sleep routine


  • Expensive for what it offers
  • Some features are available only on the app.

Our Review

The Hatch Restore Sound Machine tackles several issues related to chronic insomnia.

The built-in sounds help you fall asleep faster, relieve anxiety and stress, and block distractions.

There are over twenty sounds included in the sound library, including white noises, waves, and some free meditative music.

Subscription memberships allow you to access additional sleep soundscapes, including meditation and story collections.

It has an additional feature called “Hatch Restore,” which lets you play different sound effects at night. You can cycle through various color options.

Finally, the Hatch is also a clock. At the bottom, it shows the current time.

How much you can customize it via routines makes the Hatch Restore my favorite sleep sound machine.

You can set up your sleep and waking routines with different sounds and colors, and many people also enjoy the sunrise alarm that slowly gets brighter as your waking time nears.

Issues & Limitations

The Hatch Restore is expensive for its size and features. It also doesn't function as a smart speaker and let you play your own sounds/songs through Bluetooth.

That said, you need a phone to use the Hatch Restore sound machine. Some features like schedules and reminders are available only through the app.

Once you've configured everything, you can adjust basic settings like the sound level, brightness, and snoozing by pressing physical buttons on the device.

5. Best Aromatherapy Kit: Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

products for chronic insomnia

Essential oils are among the most effective ways to calm yourself before bedtime.

They're also safe and easy to use.

The Ultimate Aromatherapy kit is a popular and highly-rated product that includes 10 essential oils and an ultrasonic diffuser.


  • Complete essential oil kit
  • Includes ambient lighting
  • Timer
  • Low water auto shut-off


  • No mist control

Our Review

Essential oils are great for aromatherapy because they're safe for your health. They don't irritate your nose or lungs.

The Ultimate Aromatherapy Kit includes 10 different types of essential oils in 10 ml vials.

The Ultrasonic Diffusion System (UDS) is the main component, which allows you to add water and a few droplets of your favorite essential oil.

Ultrasonic diffusers don't use heat to create a scenting mist; instead, they use ultrasonic vibrations to break up the liquid into a fine mist that disperses throughout the room. This ensures essential oil retains its quality.

This diffuser provides ambient lighting, and you can cycle between different colors.

It also has an automatic shut-off feature so you can turn them on when you go to bed, and will automatically shut itself off after one hour, three hours, or six hours.

Issues & Limitations

Mist control is an important feature missing from the Ultimate Aromatherapy diffuser. Unfortunately, there is no way to control how much essential oil mist it produces besides adding more drops of essential oils.

6. Best Blackout Curtains: NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtains

products for chronic insomnia

If outside lights make it difficult for you to fall asleep, the NICETOWN blackout window curtains offer complete darkness in your bedroom.

They're also thermally insulated, so they help keep your room comfortable.


  • Total blackout curtains
  • Thermal insulated
  • More than a dozen colors are available
  • Reduces outdoor noise


  • Light can still seep in from the sides

Our Review

Blackout curtains are not just suitable for people who find street lights distracting at nighttime; they're great for daytime workers who must stay awake during the evening hours.

Exposure to sunlight during the day can disrupt your body’s sleep cycle, resulting in chronic sleeplessness.

The NICETOWN blackout curtains block virtually all the visible light in their room. They're made from a thick and soft material that feels more expensive than they are.

The heavy fabric not just blocks light but also insulates your bedroom from excessive warmth or cold from the outdoors and reduces sound from the outside, like traffic or construction.

You can buy curtains for any size window. Choose between different-sized panels, including an extra-large one.

Remember that the grommets create pleats when inserting a rod into a curtain. The pleat will reduce the overall width.

If you want to avoid having gaps at the sides, choose panels that will be wider than your window.

Issues & Limitations

If you install wide drapes that adequately cover your windows, your curtain rods may still limit how far you can pull them out past the windows.

If this is a big problem, consider buying curtain rod extensions so that the curtains hang straight down from the ceiling instead of having to be pulled up.

7. Best Sleep Mask: MZOO 3D Sleep Eye Mask

products for chronic insomnia

Another way to sleep in total dark­ness is to use a sleep mask.

The MZOO Sleep Eye Mask has a 3D design that covers and around your eyelids to block all light without stressing your eyeball.


  • Total darkness
  • Comfortable around your eyes
  • Adjustable strap
  • Doesn't crush your eyes


  • It can get hot

Our Review

The MZOO Sleep Eye Mask is an improvement to regular eye pillows. It uses cups instead of a flat pillow that crushes your eyes.

You can still blink and open them even when wearing the goggles. They're also comfier if you don't like the feeling of pressure on your eyes.

The MZOO 3D face shield has an adjustable elastic band that keeps it securely in place. It fits snugly against your eyes without any discomfort.

You can adjust the straps to get a tighter or loose fit.

It’s made from high-quality materials, so it’s comfortable to sleep in. You can wear it for hours at a time without feeling uncomfortable.

For washing, use either hot or cold water.

If you're looking for an eye mask that blocks light and sound, the MZOO Eye Mask 3D comes with a pouch to keep it safe when not in use.

Issues & Limitations

Because of how tightly the MZOO eye masks fit around your eyes, they can be uncomfortably warm after some time.

It doesn't help either that it's stuffed with heat-trapping memory foam.

8. Best Weighted Blanket: YnM Weighted Blanket

products for chronic insomnia

The YnM Weighted Blanket uses evenly distributed glass fibers to provide soothing pressure on your body when sleeping.

It can help you sleep faster and better by relieving anxiety and stress.


  • It helps with insomnia and various other sleeping disorders.
  • There are multiple sizes and weights available for you to select from.
  • Most people sleep pretty well at night.
  • Evenly distributed and noise-free glass beads.


  • Not ideal for extra-hot sleepers

Our Review

Weighted blankets hug you gently when you lay down to help calm your mind, reduce racing thoughts, and help you fall asleep faster.

Users of the YnM blanket report sleeping better and waking up less frequently during the night. It's easier for them to fall asleep again after waking up.

Some people who use the YnM weight blanket report that they've gotten rid of their restlessness and nightmares.

The YnM Blanket has been designed to be both safe and quiet. It is made up of glass fibers, which are soft and comfortable. These fibers are sewn together to create a stable structure. This means that the blanket stays even when you move.

You can choose from different weights and size options. To determine which suits you best, take 10 percent of your body’s total mass and add an extra pound.

If it falls between two weights, go with the lighter option.

You can choose from more than a few different colors and designs.

Unlike most weighted blankets, which tend to be warm, the YnM weighted sleep system uses less fiberfill to improve breathable­ness.

It also helps that this blanket is 100% cotton, which makes it extremely breathable.

You might even need an extra regular blanket or comforter on top of the weighted blankets during the colder months.

The recommendations for washing are to use a machine or a regular detergent. However, don't do it too frequently because it might damage the blanket.

If you're going to get a weighted blanket, consider getting a duvet cover instead.

Issues & Limitations

While the YnMs weighted blanket sleeps cooler than a polyester weighted blanket, they can still become too warm for some people who sleep hot.

UPDATE: YnM has an even cooler version for hot sleepers – the YnM bamboo cooling weighted blanket.

9. Best Heated Massager: Zyllion Shiatsu Massager With Heat

products for chronic insomnia

If the main reason for your insomnia is joint or muscular pain, I recommend using the Zylion shiatsu Heating Massager.

A quick 20-minute session with the massager before going to sleep is enough to dramatically reduce neck, back, and/or lower limb pain.

Our Review

A massage relaxes muscles and stimulates circulation. Hot water has the same effects.

The Zyllion Shiatsu Massager uses deep kneads to provide fast, long-lasting pain relief. It also includes heating elements to help relax muscles and relieve tension.

It's designed to help people relax by providing gentle vibrations to different parts of their bodies. You can use it anywhere, but we recommend placing it on a bed or sitting on a chair when lying down.

The massager uses rotational nodes to massage the target area, which may be a bit rough at first. You'll eventually become accustomed to them.

The nodes will automatically turn left or right every minute.

You can enjoy the massage while turning the heating function on or off.

The Zyllion Massager automatically shuts down after 20 minutes to protect against overheating, but that's all the cooling you need to get relief from pain for the night.

You can use the Zylion Shiatsu Massage Chair while sitting in the passenger seat of your vehicle. Just strap it to the seat and lean against it.

Issues & Limitations

One thing I don't like about the Zyllion massager is its lack of customization options. There's nothing else to set aside from just turning the massager and heater on and off.

You cannot adjust the speed, direction, temperature, or time of your massages.

10. Best Wedge Pillow: Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow

products for chronic insomnia

Our final choice is for people suffering from GERD or acid reflux.

Sleeping on the Kölps Wedges pillow helps reduce acid reflux so that you can get better rest at night.

It can also be used for other conditions like sleep apnea, a stuffy/runny nasal passage, and lower back pain.


  • Helps with insomnia and various other sleep disorders
  • Multiple sizes and weights to choose from
  • Sleeps fairly cool for most people
  • Evenly distributed and noise-free glass beads


  • Not ideal for extra-hot sleepers

Our Review

Wedge pillows are great for a surprising range of sleep problems.

One of the most common ones is GERD. If acid reflux makes it difficult for you to fall asleep or keeps waking you up in the middle of the night, it could be GERD.

Sleeping on the Kӧlbs wedge pillow helps raise your upper body, which decreases acid reflux.

Kӧlbs wedge pillow also helps improve sleep apneic symptoms, which improves sleep.

It's also a great way to relieve a clogged nose and reduce lower back pain.

One additional benefit of using the Kӧlbs Wedge Pillow is that it helps prevent snoring. You'll both be able to get a good night's rest.

The Kӧlb Wedges Pillow is made with high-quality foam topped with a 1½” thick pad of soft memory foam. It feels plush and comfy against your neck and back.

It comes in two heights: 7.5″ and 12″, for taller sleepers.

Wedges are wide enough for most people to lie comfortably on their sides. You may want to consider the extra-wide version if you're larger than average.

The Kӧlb wedge pillow is covered by a breathable Jacquard fabric that you can easily remove and clean.

Issues & Limitations

Some users report that they tend to roll off the side of the bed when sleeping on the Kӧlbs Wedges Pillows. If you wake up in an uncomfortable position, you may experience pain in your back or shoulder.

If you want to prevent your head from sliding off the bed using wedge pillows, place a thin cushion underneath your head.


Are there any side effects from taking sleeping pills every night?

Doctors recommend taking them for a few nights only if you're having trouble falling asleep at night. They don't recommend long-lasting use because they may lead to dependence and disrupt your normal nighttime patterns.

Do Supplements help with chronic insomnia?

There aren't a lot of scientific studies showing that any of these three specific supplementations help people get better quality rest. However, most people who take them report feeling better rested after taking them.

However, most supplements are safe, so they shouldn't cause any negative side effects.

Is CBD oil good for sleep?

Yes, CBD oil can be helpful for some people. It may help relieve symptoms of depression and insomnia.

What is the best way to treat chronic insomnia?

Most people who suffer from chronic insomnia have bad sleeping habits and poor sleep rituals.

If you want to get rid of chronic insomnia, you need to adjust your lifestyle (e. g., cut down on alcohol) and adopt a healthy sleep schedule.

Is my mattress causing sleep issues?

Yes, your mattress affects your sleep and increases the risk of developing chronic insomnia.

If your mattress is not comfortable, you won't be able to sleep well. You'll also be tired during the day.

A bad bed or pillow can cause back pain, which affects your ability to get good restful sleep.

One way to improve your sleep quality is by making your bed more comfortable.

How do you block out noise and lights in your bedroom?

Earplugs are the best way to block out noise if you live in a noisy environment. They're inexpensive and highly effective at blocking out most of the noise.

You could alternatively cover up the noisy background by playing a relaxing sound like rain, white noises, or a piano.

For light, there are two choices: using blackout drapes or wearing an eye mask.

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