Bright Room With Potted Plants

10 Bright & Fresh Scandinavian Bed Ideas

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While dark romantic styled bedrooms are tailor-made sleep, Scandinavian-styled bedrooms provide a more energetic and refreshing feel.

A classic Scandi-inspired bedroom creates a soothing atmosphere with neutral colors mixed, airy room, clean and straightforward design, candles, etc.

Candles are a great addition to a Scandi bedroom as they create a warm and welcoming feel.

Scandinavian-inspired rooms are sure to bring back that early morning vigor.

Luxurious blankets, minimal clutter, bits of nature, and lots of light make them easy to spend the whole day in.

Here are ten bright and fresh Scandinavian bedroom ideas to help you design the space of your dreams.

1. Wooden Bed In White Interior

Wooden Bed In White Interior

Scandinavian style wooden bed with pillows and blanket, round mirror on the wall, cabinet, and armchair, and white room interior.

2. Bright Room With Potted Plants

Bright Room With Potted Plants

A bright room with a variety of potted plants!

An upholstered bed with the poster above it, an armchair, and hanging lights all making this space bright and full of life!

3. White Bedroom With An Open Door To Baby Room

Scandinavian Bed Ideas

This bedroom is perfect for new parents!

White bedroom interior with bedside table with plant, poster, and open the door to the baby room with white crib and rug.

4. Include Small Plants For Refreshing Atmosphere

Include Small Plants For Refreshing Atmosphere

Add some succulents plants in concrete pots into your room for a relaxed and refreshing look!

5. Spacious Bedroom With Fireplace

Spacious Bedroom With Fireplace

Spacious bedroom interior with fireplace, lamp, rug, large bed, and ornaments!

6. Beige And Brown Bedroom

Scandinavian Bed Ideas

Beige and brown bedroom featuring queen bed facing stunning stone fireplace framed by shelves.

7. Add Candles For A Warm Feel

Add Candles For A Warm Feel

Consider adding several candles on a white wooden table opposite bed!

8. Bright Designer Bedroom

Bright Designer Bedroom

Bright designer room with multiple frames on the wall, metal furniture, a graphic rug on the floor, and a comfortable bed with green linen!

9. Add Lanterns For Extra Charm 

Scandinavian Bed Ideas

Add lanterns into your room for a more warm and welcoming feel!

10. White Minimalist Master Bedroom

White Minimalist Master Bedroom

A minimalist but sophisticated master bedroom in white, with world city map posters on the wall and floor, a green plant in the glass jar, and a hanging light!

Designing your bedroom with a Scandinavian theme gives you many color and style options, depending on the materials and accessories you pick.

It can look anywhere from vintage to industrial, and that depends on how you like it.

Just make sure to add fluffy cushions, lots of pillows, rugs, flower pots, and natural fabrics.

A Scandi design should be fun and playful and include mixed colors in your linen, rugs, pillow covers, curtains, accessories, and flowers.

A fireplace is a must-have upgrade for any Scandinavian style bedroom, as well.

Keep it simple and minimalistic to make your bedroom look clean, clutter-free – and relaxing.

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