Eight Sleep Jupiter+ Smart Mattress Review

Eight Sleep Jupiter+

There is a “smart” everything, nowadays.

So it’s no surprise that we finally have a smart mattress.

The Jupiter+ mattress by Eight Sleep is fairly ordinary underneath the cover – 4 layers of foam work together to provide pressure relief, contouring, and support.

The cover, however, is a totally different story. It is decked out with advanced sensors that provide you with an unusually informative and high tech sleeping experience.

The best feature of this smart mattress is the warming function, which you can use to raise the temperature on either side of the bed.  I’m sure a lot of couples will appreciate this one.

Sensors in the cover can also track your heartbeat, movements, respiratory rate, REM sleep and sleep time. Through its companion app, the Jupiter+ tells you how well you are sleeping and helps you improve your sleep quality.

You can even connect your mattress to Alexa directly or to Google Home and other services and devices through IFTTT.

EightSleep just released their new Design Studio that lets you customize your mattress before placing your order. According to their press release, Design Studio:

…allows customers to select between building a mattress with one firmness across the entire bed or different firmnesses for each bed side — a setup ideal for couples who sleep together. The firmness options available are soft, medium, and firm – individually for each side of the bed.

So if you’ve been waiting for a smart bed made just for you & your partner – this is your chance!

To be honest: the Jupiter+ was lot less expensive than I expected.

If you are not interested in a smart mattress, then read my best mattress buying guide for other top recommendations. 

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Sapira Mattress Review: The Best of Both Worlds

Sapira Mattress Review - front view with model

The Sapira Mattress (by Leesa) provides a luxurious innerspring-like sleeping experience for a budget price.

By integrating the best foam layers and pocketed coil springs, Sapira has produced a mattress that provides exceptional support, a great bouncy feel, minimal motion issues and a cool and dry night’s sleep.

All of this comes at a higher price than Sapira’s sister mattress, Leesa, but it’s still far less than what you will pay in a store for the same level of quality.

In this deep dive review, you will learn if the Sapira mattress is as good as some claim, whether it suits your needs and how it compares with other leading mattresses sold online.

So let’s get to it!

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Leesa Mattress Review: The Best All-Purpose Foam Mattress Yet?

Leesa mattress review - young woman on bed

Leesa has upped the game in the one-size-fits-all mattress category. 

The Leesa mattress provides a level of comfort I’ve never seen before in a single, one-size-fits-all mattress.

In my opinion, it’s equal to mattresses that cost as much as 3 times more… including some of the latest offerings from Tempurpedic, Optimum, iComfort and Comforpedic.

Leesa is built with premium materials, features three layers of high quality foam and is made with pride in the USA.

Like its #1 competitor, Casper, Leesa customers enjoy free shipping, a 100 night free trial and easy returns. But Leesa costs $100 less.

So how well does Leesa compare with other one-size-fits-all beds in a box like Casper, Tuft and Needle, Ghostbed and Bear?

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Zotto Sleep Mattress Review

Zotto Sleep

The Zotto mattress is unlike any other memory mattress.

Instead of stacking generic foam layers, it contains a proprietary blend of modified memory foams.

The result is a mattress that provides better support, contouring, and cooling than many other memory foam mattresses sold online.

The pricing is as affordable as other leading memory foam beds-in-a-box, and you get the standard 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty.

Read this review of the Zotto mattress to find out whether it’s right for you.

If this is not what you are looking for, then Leesa and Casper are two great alternatives that cost about the same. 

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Metta Bed Mattress Review: 100% Organic Latex for a Bargain Price

Metta Bed Mattress

The Metta Bed is the least expensive 100% organic latex mattress you can buy online.

A comparable natural latex mattress sold in a local retail outlet starts typically sell for thousands more. In contrast, a Metta Bed Queen costs just $1,299 – about the same as most synthetic foam mattresses.

So… is there a catch?

Well, yes. There are a couple of sacrifices you make. For one, it’s thinner than most other natural latex mattresses.

But the short story here is that the Metta Bed is a high-quality natural latex mattress with excellent support and pressure relief… for most people.

Keep reading this 10-minute review to see if Metta is the right mattress for you.

To learn about other top-rated natural latex mattresses sold online, check out my Ecoterra review, Plushbeds review and Avocado Green review.

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IDLE Hybrid Mattress Review: Two Sides Are Better Than One

IDLE Mattress

Want a mattress made of high-quality materials that you can flip to reduce wear, prevent deformation and extend the life of your purchase?

Then the IDLE Hybrid mattress might be for you.

Almost all online mattresses today are one-sided, but the IDLE hybrid mattress stands out with its 2-sided design. Both sides have the same comfortable and supportive feel, meaning you can flip the mattress every few months to make it last longer.

The IDLE is technically a hybrid mattress consisting of proprietary IDLE foams or latex foam wrapped around a core middle layer of edge-to-edge support coils.

As luxury mattresses go, the IDLE Hybrid is really affordable. You also get around four months to test it out, free returns and a lifetime warranty.

If you’ve been looking for high quality, long-lasting 2-sided mattress, then you should definitely put the IDLE on your short list.

Keep reading this page for my in-depth 10-minute review of the IDLE double-sided hybrid mattress.  We tested the Latex Hybrid in our home.

Note: A 2-sided mattress is different than an adjustable mattress like the Morphiis. With an adjustable mattress, you can change the feel of the mattress in your home. In contrast, the IDLE mattress feels the same no matter which side you sleep on.  

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Spindle Latex Mattress Review: Adjustable Luxury for a Rock-Bottom Price

Spindle Latex Mattress

We’ve reviewed several latex mattresses, but the Spindle latex mattress is the only one that we know of that lets you adjust its firmness/comfort level in 4 ways.

This is a natural latex mattress with three layers of foam, which is pretty normal.

What’s not ordinary about the Spindle is that it is delivered in 3 separate boxes, each containing a 3” latex layer. These layers can be rearranged to customize the mattress firmness by switching out one layer with a firmer or softer one that Spindle sends you, free of charge.

On top of that, the Spindle mattress is one of the least expensive natural latex mattresses you can buy online. They offer a split configuration, too.

Keep reading for my in-depth take on this excellent, affordable latex mattress.

If you don’t want to buy a latex mattress or the Spindle isn’t right for you, then check out my other mattress recommendations.

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Morphiis Customizable Mattress Review

Morphiis Mattress Review

We have reviewed several adjustable mattresses, but none as unique as the new Morphiis customizable foam mattress.

Most adjustable mattresses achieve their flexibility in one of several ways:

  • they offer you a split or custom configuration, which you cannot change later (like Helix);
  • they sell a mattress that can be flipped over, for two comfort choices (like Amore); or,
  • you can rearrange the layers of the mattress to change the firmness of the whole mattress (like Luxi).

In contrast, Morphiis uses a unique system of  36 adjustable foam inserts of varying firmness to provide a wide range of customization for both partners, individually.

By rearranging the placement of the inserts along your body line and offering a choice of firmness for each insert, the Morphiis system lets you not only to configure each side of the mattress differently, it lets you adjust the mattress feel under different sections of your body.

In total, you can adjust the Morphiis mattress 64 different ways!  You can also adjust each side of the bed differently to meet the needs of each partner.

Keep reading my in-depth review to find out how Morphiis’ unique system works and whether it actually improves the sleeping experience.

To compare Morphiis with other adjustable mattresses, check out my mattress buying guide

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Winkbeds Mattress Review

Winkbeds Mattress Review

Luxury hybrid mattresses can cost as much as $3K or more in stores.

Winkbeds sells theirs for half that price – and adds free delivery, a 101-night trial period and a 10-year warranty to the offer.

Construction-wise, Winkbed combines the pressure relief and comfort of gel memory foam with the support and contouring of innersprings. It is a premium hybrid mattress.

You can choose from three comfort levels, and there’s a thicker upgrade available for heavier sleepers.

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Puffy Mattress Review

Puffy Mattress

If you are looking at Casper and Leesa, but like the assurance of a lifetime (forever) warranty – then Puffy is a great alternative.

Puffy uses gel memory foam and a firm base layer to provide a nice balance of soft comfort with firm support.

Their gel foam ensures you stay cool at night while providing good contouring.

There are no comfort level choices – this mattress is designed for the 80-percenters who like a medium-firm bed. But given it’s slightly firmer feel, it is a better choice for stomach and back sleepers.

Heavier sleepers should look elsewhere, however – this one is only 10″ thick and may bottom-out when you turn on your side.

NOTE: If you are looking for something different than Puffy, check out my complete list of mattresses in my online mattress guide.

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