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Best Place to Buy a Dromma Bed Mattress

I recommend ordering the mattress on their official manufacturer website, DrommaBed.com.

This ensures you enjoy the extra-long 200-night in-home trial period and the equally generous 12-year warranty.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the steep discounts that Dromma Bed often offers and which you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Dromma Bed Mattress Review

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Dromma Bed is one of the cheapest mattresses I have reviewed on this website.

Even before the steep $200-$300 discounts that are usually on offer, the mattress is quite affordable with a Queen size going for a dollar under $1,000.

Add the discounts, and you have yourself a bargain price mattress.

This is not to mean that it uses lower quality materials or that they’ve compromised by making it 7” thick.

It is a high quality 12” thick mattress that uses premium foams to provide a comfortable sleeping experience.

It consists of 3 layers of foam.

The top layer is made from latex foam. The company calls it performance adapt foam.

That’s a fancy way of saying it adapts well to your body when you sleep, feels responsive to make turning and other movements easier and keeps you cool at night.

The middle layer consists of 2.5” gel-infused memory foam.

The memory foam does a great job contouring to your body. It provides pressure relief on areas like the hips and shoulders where there is more pressure between your body and the mattress.

The work of the gel is to quickly dissipate away excess heat as soon as it begins to build up in the mattress. No overheating issues with Dromma Bed despite the fact that it contains memory foam.

The base layer consists of an extra-thick 8” poly foam layer to provide compression support and keep the mattress in good form for years.

Dromma stands behind their mattress with a 12-year warranty. So you can be sure it will last long.

They also have one of the longest trial periods in the online mattress industry; 200 nights. That’s more than six months of no-pressure in-home testing.

If you don’t like the mattress, they will pick it up for free, no questions asked.

Shipping is free but only for customers on the continental US. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska will cost you $125 in freight.

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How the Dromma Bed Mattress Compares

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