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Best Place to Buy a Helix Mattress

I strongly recommend buying the mattress directly from the official website, HelixSleep.com. There are a couple of reasons why.

One, you get to enjoy the frequent discounts that are usually on offer and which you may not get from third-party retailers. Two, you get a chance to customize your mattress by answering a sleep quiz.

Other retailers may also not offer the 100-night trial period offered by Helix Sleep.

Our Helix Mattress Review

Helix mattress best split custom mattress

In our online mattress reviews, We have consistently ranked the Helix mattress as one of the best custom mattresses.

Unlike most other brands that sell one-fits-all mattresses, Helix lets you customize your mattress to make sure it the perfect fit for you.

This is an especially big advantage for couples who have different comfort preferences.

The sleep quiz – which allows Helix to determine how to configure your mattress – allows answers from individuals as well as couples.

If you don’t want to answer the quiz, Helix gives you nine comfort options to choose from ranging from ultra-plush to extra-firm.

The nine options include specialty mattresses for couples and plus-sized sleepers.

Each mattress uses a hybrid configuration. That is, it consists of foam layers as well as pocketed coils. The actual thickness, density, and position of each layer depend on the comfort option you select.

One of the main foam layers is made from Helix Dynamic Foam, a proprietary foam that provides the best qualities of memory foam and latex foam.

It provides pressure relief, feels responsive and does a great job dissipating heat away from the mattress.

The wrapped coil layer enhances support, responsiveness, and contouring. It also boosts ventilation which keeps the mattress feeling cool and fresh.

Each mattress comes with two cover sections: a top soft-touch and stretchy cover as well as a lower cover. Both sections are designed for maximum breathability.

Helix Sleep ships mattress free of charge to all US states. They also ship to Canada but charge a $250 freight charge.

The mattress will be shipped via UPS Ground and will be delivered in a compact box that is easy to get inside the house.

You can return the mattress for free within 100 nights of receiving it. You’ll get a full refund.

The warranty is ten years long and is non-prorated.

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How the Helix Mattress Compares

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