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10 Popular & Timeless Traditional Pillow Ideas

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Traditional bedroom designs refer to a style that is solidly anchored in the past, but it does not have to mean dated, boring, fussy, or a space full of antiques. 

Instead, traditional style embraces timeless design, the even placing of furnishings, vibrant color schemes, and a comfortable if slightly formal vibe.

With a traditional theme in mind, spice up your room by adding vibrant color, original artwork, a few houseplants, and unique ceiling fixtures.

Your bedroom is the most intimate part of your home, so you need to take care of even little detail.

A long and restful sleep cannot be attained without some soft and comfortable pillows.

Here we have compiled a list of popular traditional pillow ideas to help you design your bedroom in the traditional style:

1. Decorative Pillows

Traditional Pillow Ideas

Place these anywhere – on your bed, armchair, or bedroom sofa!

2. Flower Prints

Traditional Pillow Ideas

A very popular traditional style pillow for your bed or sofa.

3. Designer Pillows

Traditional Pillow Ideas

These designer pillows are a pleasure in any bedroom or living room.

4. Embroidered Silk Pillows

Traditional Pillow Ideas

Embroidered silk pillows in gold and beautiful abstract floral pattern scream luxury.

5. Colorful Oriental Pillows

Traditional Pillow Ideas

These cool Oriental styled pillows add a classic touch to almost any setting.

6. Lighter Equals Calm

Traditional Pillow Ideas

These light-color prints on white bedding creating a calming, soothing vibe

7. Add Color For Interest

Add Color For Interest

A beautiful and serene combination for your traditional bedroom!

8. Feminine Touch

Feminine Touch

Check out this girl’s bedroom with pistachio-colored walls and pink bed with pink and white pillows.

Note the glass chandelier hanging over the bed and pink curtains.

9. Colorful Round Pillows

Colorful Round Pillows

One of the most loved traditional pillow designs.

10. Fur Pillow

Fur Pillow

A traditional style bedroom with wooden beds and pillows all over it.

Traditional bedrooms are all about positive vibes and a familiar atmosphere.

You can never go wrong with a traditional style bedroom.

Think beautiful, charming, unfussy, comfortable, and gracious.

Choose pillows and linens in livable fabrics, light color schemes, flower prints, and formal patterns.

You can also update your bedroom in a traditional style using funky wallpapers, classic art pieces, or a fresh coat of paint – and have a wonderful time resting!

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