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Endy Mattress Review: Medium-Soft Luxury for a Rock-Bottom Price

Endy Mattress Review


An excellent Canadian-made memory foam mattress that's better, cheaper and a bit softer than Casper.

Great Choice for: Canadian memory foam shoppers who appreciate a great deal and like their mattress a little softer.

Avoid if: you prefer a firm mattress or need a less-common size (they only offer 4).

Price: $675 to $995 (Canadian)

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Are you in the market for a medium-firm foam mattress for a fraction of Tempur-pedic's price?

Then Endy may be the right mattress for you.

Innovative online mattress-in-a-box companies like Casper & Saatva shook the mattress industry to its foundation a few years ago.

By removing many of the pain points associated with traditional mattress buying, they've given us a cheaper, more convenient and less stressful way to buy a mattress.

Today, though, the market has grown up. And those first few companies have a lot of new competitors.

One of the first Canadian mattress startups, Endy, recently entered the market with an eye on meeting the needs of people who prefer a slightly softer mattress – but still want to save a ton.

In the short time they have been around, Endy has grown very quickly, taking its place among other popular budget brands such as Casper and Leesa.

So how does Endy compare with other budget-friendly beds?

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About Endy

Endy is the first Canadian company to enter the disruptive mattress-in-a-box industry.

In fact, Endy's entire operation is in Toronto, Canada and shipments to the US are out of their Toronto Distribution Center.

The company name, Endy, is actually shorthand for the Greek God, Endymion.

Endymion is also the name of a popular Mardi Gras crewe in my home town of New Orleans. But I digress.

Endymion (the God, not the party) hugely admired the moon goddess, Selene.

Selene fell hard for Endy, as well. So much so, that she cast a spell to grant Endymion eternal sleep to preserve his youthful beauty forever.

With this beautiful branding, Endy the company launched in 2014 and was an immediate hit with Canadian customers yearning to try a new way of buying mattresses.

Over time, the company has continued to innovate and to provide customers with a quality product attuned to their needs.

In 2015, Casper started shipping to Canada, so it should be interesting to see how the market plays out.

What’s not in doubt is that Endy is pulling out all of the stops to become the best online mattress seller, period.

Endy is most like Casper in price point and product. But the quality and make of their mattress are a bit more impressive, as you will see.

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Social Impact

Endy Mattress nbn_logoAs it builds its business, Endy is making an important social impact.

The company has partnered with the charity Nothing But Nets, which is involved in the fight against the spread of malaria in Africa.

For every mattress delivered to a customer, Endy donates a bed net to the charity, helping in the campaign against the deadly disease.

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Endy prides itself on staying below the $1,000 CA range.

Listed below are their retail prices in Canadian dollars:

Twin $675
Twin XL $745
Full $820
Queen $895
King & Cal King $995

This makes Endy one of the most affordable luxury mattresses in the market.

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Purchase Process

Endy Mattress Review - order form

Endy has a simple and straightforward purchase process.

The ordering process could not be simpler – buying is as simple as a click or two.

Endy sells just one mattress in all popular sizes.

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10-Year Warranty

Endy includes a 10-year warranty with every mattress. The warranty guarantees a full replacement for defects found in workmanship.

Some of the defects not covered under the warranty include:

  • normal softening of foam after prolonged use
  • damage resulting from improper use
  • damage due to placement on the wrong surface
  • damage caused by transportation after delivery (e.g. when you are moving).

If for any reason you need to get your mattress replaced or repaired under the warranty, the company applies no fees whatsoever.

Learn More About Endy's Warranty

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100-Night Trial

Endy offers a friendly 100-night return policy for its mattresses, in-line with its main competitors in the US.

This is more than enough time to test the mattress, get used to its feel and determine whether it is right for you.

If during this period, you feel that it is not the right choice for you, you can make a return at no charge and get a full refund.

Returned mattresses are, depending on location, either given to charity or recycled.


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Shipping Options

Endy offers free shipping in Canada and the United States.

Wherever you are, you won't pay a dime to get the mattress delivered to your door.

Please note that in the US, shipping is only available to the lower 48 states.

Delivery is via UPS ground, making it easy to track your shipment and easy to know what day to expect arrival.

The standard delivery time is 3-7 business days.

Learn More at Endy.com

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Delivery & Setup

Endy Mattress Review - delivery box next to bed woman

Endy doesn't offer white glove service. But the process couldn't be simpler.

There's only one thing to decide when scheduling the delivery of an Endy mattress: whether to select their ‘Signature on Delivery” option or not.

If do not select the ‘Signature on Delivery’ option, the driver will attempt to find a hidden area near your door to leave the package.

If you are not around and you selected the option of ‘Signature on Delivery’, the company will contact you and reattempt delivery on a later day.

As for setup, you'll have to do that yourself.

But it's really easy to unbox the mattress and roll it out with no trouble.

The box comes with a cutting tool included. Use this to cut away the plastic wrap covering the mattress.

After unwrapping, the mattress immediately starts filling out to its normal shape and size.

Because you cannot get the mattress back into the box, feel free to recycle the box and plastic wrapping.

If you need to dispose of your old mattress, the company advises buyers to contact them regarding where to give the mattress for charity or where to get it recycled.

For mattress support, Endy recommends using a box spring, slatted frame, platform bed or a flat floor surface.

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Endy Mattress Review - header shot

While a mattress’ style may not be that essential to its function, it still makes a big difference to know that the makers paid attention to every detail, including the aesthetics.

With Endy, the styling gives the mattress a sturdy and clean modern look, which helps its overall appeal.

After unwrapping the Endy mattress, the first thing you will notice is the white quilted cover. The quilted pattern on the cover, though not that unique compared with other mattress brands, is beautiful. 

The side panels of the mattress have an ash grey color. To the touch, they feel quite sturdy and resistant to wear and tear.

Overall, I'm sure most people will love this mattress’ simple, clean and modern look.

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Clearly, Endy is chasing the value end of the online mattress market. The Endy Mattress doesn't incorporate any groundbreaking technology in its construction. It's just a simple, great memory foam mattress that sells at an incredibly low price.

They have done an admirable job balancing support, comfort and responsiveness, however.

To help with heat transfer, Endy uses a gel infused top layer. This 2-inch memory foam layer has medical grade gel infused in it. This is the same gel used in hospital mattresses especially for burn victims.

The result is a mattress that provides better than average temperature control. The gel-infused foam layer is highly effective in dissipating heat away from the surface of the mattress and allowing proper air circulation at the top. The mattress definitely sleeps cool, throughout the night.

Mattress Construction

For a foam mattress of this price, Endy really doesn't spare anything in its construction.

The Endy is comprised of 5 main layers, described below:

Memory Foam

The Endy mattress is made using CertiPUR-US certified modern polyurethane foams, which guarantees that their foams have achieved specific safety and environmental standards including:

• No ozone depleters.
• No PBDE flame retardants. Instead, the company uses a safe fire retardant fabric.
• No lead, mercury or other highly harmful heavy metals.
• No formaldehyde.
• No phthalates that are considered harmful.
• Certified for low emissions of volatile organic compounds.

White Quilted Cover

Endy mattress review - front corner with logo letter

The white cover is made from a soft polyester fabric and a quilted top.

The quilting in the top really helps to make the cover robust and durable.

When you lie on the cover, its softness and comfort makes it almost feel like a pillow top. Not quite, but close.

The cover is removable, too. Unfortunately, it cannot be machine-washed. You can, however, spot clean it to get rid of specific spots or stains.

Below the quilted top, the Endy mattress has three main layers; a top 2-inch memory foam layer, a middle medium-density transition layer and a 5-inch high-density base support layer.

Top layer: 2-inches of memory foam

The top layer’s main purpose is to create the maximum comfort for the sleeper.

There are two ways this is achieved. The first is by using high-quality polyesther memory foam. This type of foam contours around the body very well, providing good support and eliminating pressure points.

As I pointed out earlier, the top layer is infused with medical-grade gel, a feature that works well in regulating temperature.

Sure enough, the Endy mattress scores especially well in temperature control.

Mid layer: 3-inch transition

This is the layer providing a smooth transition from the top comfort layer to the bottom support layer.

It is made from medium-density foam, which adds to the comfort of the top layer while at the same time joining the base layer in creating excellent support.

Base layer: 5-inches of support

This layer keeps your mattress in shape and well supported for years.

When you are asleep, the base layer is essential is providing support, ensuring that you do not experience excessive sinkage.

Endy's support layer is made of high-density foam.

Together, these layers work together to provide a strong, comfortable and responsive 10-inch mattress.

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Smell/Off Gassing

The Endy mattress wins on many points: simplicity, price, comfort and temperature control.

That said, one area where the Endy mattress falls down a little is in off-gassing (the emission of volatile organic compounds which give off a chemical or petroleum-style odor).

The company advises that it will take a couple of days for a new Endy to settle-in and warns there will be an initial smell. They also reassure customers that other than just being a little uncomfortable, it is not harmful.

Many buyers have complained of strong off-gassing, especially during the first few days.

The truth is, though, this is not a big price to pay. The smell will last for only two to three days or maybe a week for those who are more sensitive to smell.

One reason for the higher than average off-gassing is Endy's method of packaging. Off-gassing is an issue with many other mattresses that come compressed in a box.

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Sleeping Experience & Firmness

Endy mattress review - sleeping on sideAnd now, onto what matters most to anyone planning to buy a mattress online: what does it actually sleep like?

What stands out most about the sleeping experience of the Endy is its softness. With 1 being very soft, this mattress ranks at around 4.

This means it's a great, softer alternative to most other single-product memory foam mattresses, which tend to be medium-firm (6 or 7).

When you lie on the Endy, the combined effect of the soft cover and the gel-infused memory foam layer results in a comfortable, hugging feeling.

But it is not too soft – you can still roll around with a small effort. It's just soft enough to cradle your body into a soft contour while also providing adequate and even support.

If you love the feeling of a medium-soft mattress, then this is the best-priced sleeping experience you you'll find online.

But if your comfort preference leans more towards medium-firm, you might want to look at similarly-priced offerings from Casper, Bear or Leesa.

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Endy Mattress Review - memory foam surface

When choosing a mattress, sinkage is important. Sinkage refers to how deep the surface of the mattress is depressed when a given pressure/weight is applied.

While firmness tells you how much of your body is supported overall, sinkage more specifically defines how “stuck in the hole” you can get while sleeping on a mattress. It also tells you whether the mattress supports your body evenly everywhere, or just in certain spots, like the middle.

Especially for a softer mattress, the Endy performs very well in sinkage tests.

In a lying position, the sinkage is only a half inch to one inch for someone of my weight (125 lbs).

On the edges, as is true with other memory foam mattresses in this price range, sinkage is worse.

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Motion Transfer

Endy Mattress Review - couple in bedThe sturdy construction of the Endy mattress combined with its soft top layer minimizes motion transfer within the mattress to an excellent degree.

This means that motion on one end of the mattress will not transfer as much to the other end.

This is important for couples who do not want to disturb each other when waking up or moving around in bed.

So if you want a softer mattress that's also good for sex & couples, the Endy is a great choice.

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Temperature Control

Few things are as uncomfortable as waking up in the middle of the night with your clammy skin stuck to the sheets because your mattress is too hot!

Temperature control and heat dissipation are very important in achieving quality sleep. Too hot, and you will keep waking up at night and tossing around restlessly.

Endy solves the heat transfer problem by using a gel-infused memory foam layer at the top. Body heat doesn't get trapped at the surface of the mattress but instead dissipates away.

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  • Price! I’d put price as one of the biggest advantages of the Endy. You would need to pay three or five times that in a store for a similar quality mattress.
  • Surprisingly high quality. It's a notch better than the Casper, in my opinion.
  • Excellent temperature control. A mattress that stays cool is a mattress that promises a great night. Great job.
  • Minimal sinkage and motion transfer (esp. for a softer mattress). For couples who tend to move around a lot while asleep, they won't have to worry about waking each other up.


  • Off-gassing. The smells may not be harmful, but they are certainly noticeable.
  • Only 4 sizes. Though I don't see this as a big deal, if you need a Twin XL or California King, you're out of luck.
  • No white glove service. The company does not offer help with setup, though as I mentioned before, you can easily do it on your own.

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The Endy Mattress is Perfect For You If…

  • You like a bargain. You can't beat their prices.
  • You prefer a softer mattress. If you love feeling hugged by your mattress without sinking too much into it, then the Endy is a great choice.
  • You want to buy Canadian. 

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How To Save $50 on Endy

If you are shopping for a standard-sized medium-soft memory foam mattress for less than $1,000, then you should definitely take a look at the Endy mattress.

Very few mattresses in this price range provide a medium-soft comfort level.


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