how wide is a bed frame

How Wide Is a Bed Frame (All Sizes Explained)

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Finding the Appropriate Bed Frame

Unless you're a college student on a budget or you are going for an intense Bohemian hippie bedroom vibe, the majority of us prefer to keep our mattresses from the ground. That is where a bed frame comes in; it is a good coating, with or without legs, which supports and retains up your mattress off the ground.

You may get a bed frame in just about any appearance or style, from modern to Victorian, and they are offered at a variety of different prices also. You only want to ensure you decide on the most suitable bed frame that suits both your mattress and living area.

If you're on the search for a bed frame that fits your current mattress, begin by measuring its width and length. This gives you a fantastic idea of how large you want your new bed frame to be, as standard bed frames are about the size of the mattress they are designed to accommodate.

Unless the frame is intended to be broader and longer like some stage foundations are, your mattress should take up the framework's whole surface.

You should first determine how large you want your frame to be for those who are shopping to get a mattress and a framework.

Have you got a specific wall that you wish to match it against? How much space do you have in your bedroom? Does it also have to fit in between two nightstands? As soon as you measure out the amount of space, you've got to work together and configure a rough floor plan outline, then go ahead and decide on the size of bed you want.

As a pro suggestion, add about 2-5″ to your mattress dimension to gauge the amount of space your upcoming bed frame might consume. This is to account for the extra stuff your bed frame may include the Lucid adjustable foundation, which is assembled with an extra 1-2″ of grey padding around the frame's perimeter.

With that said, you also need to have the ability to find your upcoming bed frame's precise width and length on the website you bought it from.

If you're interested in a mattress frame outfitted with additional features like cabinets, drawers, headboard, or footboard, you must verify the description box for precise measurements.

As there is such a wide assortment of different bed base choices on the market, we can only give you statistics on typical bed frames, particularly since additional features can radically add to a bed frame's dimensions.

What Are the Size of a Twin Size Bed Frame?

A twin-sized bed, also referred to as one bed, is ideal for a kid's bedroom, but it's also commonly used for guest bedrooms that are supposed to accommodate more than one person as it doesn't occupy a lot of space.

A standard twin-size bed frame is approximately the same width and length for a twin mattress that's typically around 38″ x 75″, but as we mentioned earlier, some might have another 2-5″ so additional in width and length because of extra material.

Twin XL mattresses and double XL bed frames are also most common for college students in hostel rooms. Twin XL beds have the same width and twin beds. However, they are approximately 5″ longer. And Twin XL frames are about the same size as twin XL bedding and another 2-5″ more based on the frame.

Width and Length of a Full-Size Bed Frame?

how wide is a bed frame

Full-size mattresses are most popular in teens' bedrooms or for single adults attempting to be space-conscious. It might not be large enough for two adults, but unless they are both huge on cuddling.

A full-Size mattress is roughly 53″ wide by 75″ long, so you may assume a full-size bed frame is about a few inches wider and more.

What About a Queen Size Bed Frame?

how wide is a bed frame

This is where we enter the adult and couple mattress kingdom, as a queen-sized mattress is perfectly appropriate for couples and or your average man or woman.

It is the most popular mattress size available on the current market, and according to our study, over 50 percent of our audience sleeps on a queen mattress.

A queen size isn't the biggest bed you can get your hands on, but it fits two people conveniently without taking up all the space in your bedroom. A queen-size bed frame steps out to be – you guessed it – 2-5″ over a queen-size mattress that's 60” wide by 80” long.

King Size Bed Frame Dimensions

Mature couples and tall people most widely use King-size mattresses-size bed that is 76″ wide and 80″ long, so a typical king-size bed frame may be in the ballpark of 81″ x 85″.

Like we mentioned before, you will want to double-check the framework's exact measurement once you eventually restrict your mattress base choices.

How Wide Is a California King Bed Frame?

how wide is a bed frame

If you need to be living large on an extra-long mattress, a California king mattress and bed frame might be the perfect options for you. Some believe that a Cal king bed is larger than a standard king in width and length, but a Standard king is truly wider.

Instead, a Cal king gets the one-up in length and steps out to be 72″ wide and 84″ long. If these figures are not already drilled into your mind, your prospective standard Cal king bed frame will probably be around 2-5″ larger than the bed.

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