Morphiis Mattress Review

Morphiis Customizable Mattress Review

Morphiis Customizable Mattress Review


Morphiis is the most flexible adjustable foam mattress you can buy online.  It's also really inexpensive.

Great Choice for: Couples with different firmness preferences and those who want a mattress they can adjust to change over time.

Avoid if: You prefer hybrid or innerspring mattress.

Price: $295-$545

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We have reviewed several adjustable mattresses, but none as unique as the Morphiis customizable foam mattress.

Most adjustable mattresses achieve their flexibility in one of several ways:

  • they offer you a split or custom configuration, which you cannot change later (like Helix);
  • they sell a mattress that can be flipped over, for two comfort choices (like Amore); or,
  • you can rearrange the layers of the mattress to change the firmness of the whole mattress (like Luxi).

In contrast, Morphiis uses a unique system of  36 adjustable foam inserts of varying firmness to provide a wide range of customization for both partners, individually.

By rearranging the placement of the inserts along your body line and offering a choice of firmness for each insert, the Morphiis system lets you not only to configure each side of the mattress differently, it lets you adjust the mattress feel under different sections of your body.

In total, you can adjust the Morphiis mattress 64 different ways!  You can also adjust each side of the bed differently to meet the needs of each partner.

Keep reading my in-depth review to find out how Morphiis' unique system works and whether it actually improves the sleeping experience.

To compare Morphiis with other adjustable mattresses, check out my mattress buying guide

What’s In This Mattress Review?

This review of the Morphiis customizable mattress is roughly a 10-minute read.

If you don’t have that much time, use this table of contents to jump to those features you care most about.

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About Morphiis

Morphiis Mattress Review

Morphiis is one of the newest online mattress brands.

Their founder, Earl Takefman, was the CEO of Perfect Pressure, a multi-zone mattress that is now part of the Morphiis brand.

While Perfect Pressure was good for many people, some users complained that it was too firm or too soft. Couples with different comfort preferences also found the mattress unsatisfactory.

So Earl created Morphiis to provide just the right amount of support and contouring for all kinds of sleepers.

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Social Impact

Morphiis Mattress Review

The company has yet to announce any charity initiatives. But they only just launched, so there’s plenty of time for that.

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Purchase Process

Morphiis mattress review - order form

The Morphiis mattress is available on Amazon, but I don’t recommend buying there.

Instead, I recommend you shop on their official website & order the mattress directly from them. This ensures you get the 100-day trial period and direct customer support.

Despite the complicated structure of the mattress, this mattress is simple to purchase. There are no firmness levels to choose from – or any add-ons to select. The mattress comes with everything you need to customize it.

You only need to choose your size (all standard sizes are available) and checkout.

You can pay with your credit card or check whether you qualify for Klarna financing.

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Listed below is the current price list for the Morphiis mattress (after all discounts are applied).

Visit their website to see the latest prices, discounts and offers.

Twin $295
Twin XL $345
Full(double) $395
Queen $495
King $545
CA King $545

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100-Night Trial

Morphiis Mattress Review

Morphiis offers a 100-night trial to customers. But you have to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights before initiating a return.

There are two return options: either contact customer support for them to arrange a free pickup or find a local charity, or donate the mattress and send the proof of donation to Morphiis to get a full refund.

All returns are free.

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25-Year Warranty

Morphiis Mattress Review

Morphiis has one of the longest warranties among online mattresses: it is a 25 year, non-prorated guarantee.

This is a bit surprising, considering that it is not an especially expensive mattress.

Morphiis explained to me that the 25-year warranty is there because they want to make sure that if any of your inserts start to sag, they can replace them so you can start over, like new.

But then again, an increasing number of all-foam mattresses are coming with lifetime warranties.

All the usual terms and conditions apply – only the original owner is covered, normal wear and tear do not apply, only an indentation deeper than one and a quarter inches counts as a defect and so on.

You can read their full warranty on their website.

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Morphiis Mattress Review

Morphiis ships their mattress to the United States and to most locations in Canada (not the Yukon or Northwest territories, however).

Shipping is free only in the continental US. Customers in other locations pay shipping fees.

Shipping takes between 5 and 7 days depending on your location.

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Delivery and Setup

morphiis mattress review - rolls on floor

The mattress is delivered compressed in a plastic bag tube, like other mattresses.

But the 36 inserts are delivered in a set of reusable polyester bags.

morphiis mattress review - inserts stacked view closeup

Note: you don’t need to keep the insert bags around. You can’t get them back into the bag, anyway.

Morphiis doesn’t provide White Glove delivery, but it only takes just a few minutes to set up the mattress yourself.

When it arrives, the default setup is medium-firm. But you can change the comfort level to soft or firm using the two sets of foam inserts included with the mattress.

You can also mix and match different types of foam inserts to create varying soft and firm sections along the length of the mattress.

morphiis mattress review - inserts in

The foam inserts are color-coded to note their firmness level:

  • yellow inserts are soft
  • blue inserts are medium firm
  • white inserts are firm.

Morphiis provides 12 inserts of each firmness level – 6 for each side of the mattress.

The mattress comes with instructions for setting up your custom comfort configuration.

You can also fill a questionnaire on their website and get the best configuration recommendation based on your physique and sleeping position. The questionnaire has two separate sections for couples.

Here’s a short video demo to give you a taste of what to expect.

After setup, the mattress is ready to sleep on immediately. But it could take a few hours to a full day before it rises to its full height.

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Foundation & Frame

morphiis mattress review - rolls on boxspring

What type of bed frame/support does Morphiis require?

The Morphiis mattress works with any frame including a solid foundation, platform, box spring or slatted base (max 3” between slats). Do not use a split box spring or older box springs with a supporting beam in the middle (can cause the mattress to sag in the sided).

You can also place the mattress on the floor.

Does Morphiis work on an adjustable bed?

Morphiis Subframe adjustable bed

Yes, it does. It has specialized notches along the bottom of the mattress that helps it flex on an adjustable bed.

Morphiis also offers an adjustable base that you can order alongside the mattress.

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Care and Cleaning

Is a mattress protector needed for Morphiis?

You don’t have to use one, but it’s highly recommended. Morphiis recommends using one with elastic corners to ensure the mattress stays comfortable.

Do you need to rotate the Morphiis mattress?

Not necessary. However, if you notice too much wear on one side of the mattress, then rotate it once every three months.

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Aesthetics and Styling

Morphiis Mattress Review

There’s nothing particularly eye-catching about the Morphiis mattress. It looks pretty normal on the outside with a two-tone white and grey zippered cover.

But that doesn’t matter much since you are going to cover it up anyway.

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Morphiis Mattress Review

The Morphiis mattress has three layers. All the layers are made from a proprietary foam they call ULTRAFOAM. It sleeps cooler, lasts longer and provides better support and movement than memory foam.

Morphiis Mattress Review

Top comfort layer

This is the main comfort layer of the mattress. It is soft and plush to provide instant pressure relief when you lie on the mattress. But it still feels responsive, so you don’t have to worry about sinking into a swamp.

The top layer unzips together with the top cover to give you access to the customizable layer.

Customizable layer

This is where you can change the feel of the mattress, making it firmer or softer simply by swapping the foam inserts.

There are two zones in this layer. There is a foam ridge all around that keeps the inserts in place and provides edge support. Then there is the center zone where the 12 inserts go, six on each side of the mattress.

As I mentioned, the mattress comes in a medium-firm configuration. That means only the blue inserts will be in the middle layer. The soft yellow inserts and the white firm ones are separate, 12 of each. There are 36 interchangeable inserts in all.

ULTRA FOAM support foam

High-density ULTRAFOAM provides compression support and gives the mattress a nice bounce. It also ensures the adjustable inserts above don’t shift around.

The bottom side of the base layer has different diamond notches that I’ve not seen in any other mattress. Morphiis says this allows the mattress to work better with an adjustable base.

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Mattress Cover

Morphiis Mattress Review

The soft cover is a blend of cotton and polyester.

It’s quite thin to allow for maximum breathability but still tough and tear-resistant.

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As with any synthetic foam mattress, there will be some off-gassing especially since the mattress is delivered tightly packed. But the smell is very mild and completely harmless.

Give the mattress a couple of hours to breath in an airy room before you sleep on it. But it might take up to two days before the smell completely fades.

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Sleeping Experience

Morphiis Mattress Review

Being a customizable mattress your specific sleeping experience will depend on which configuration you choose. Generally, however, the mattress performs well in all areas.

Edge support is excellent – at least as foam mattresses go – and is much improved by the foam ridge in the middle layer. The top layer perfectly combines soft pressure-relief with excellent responsiveness. It’s not as bouncy as a spring or latex mattress, but it’s responsive enough that you won’t struggle to move around on the mattress.

The foam inserts are easy to swap. Sometimes though, especially with the soft and medium-firm ones, you can faintly feel that you are not sleeping on one solid surface. But you’ll get used to it quickly, and it doesn’t affect comfort or support at all.

Morphiis Mattress Review

To get the best sleeping experience, you may have to play around with the configurations until you find out what works.

Morphiis recommends putting the softer inserts under your hips and shoulders, the two points where there is the greatest pressure. If you sleep on your back or stomach, try the medium-firm or firm inserts under your back or stomach.

You can also use the questionnaire on their official website to find the best configuration.

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Morphiis Mattress Review

The Morphiis mattress generally has three firmness levels that you can set by swapping the foam inserts. It comes in the default medium-firm configuration (blue inserts only) which is the best for most people.

Use the white inserts for a firm feel and the yellow inserts for a soft feel.

You can also modify the firmness of specific sections along the mattress such as under your shoulders or back just by swapping out individual inserts. Couples can also modify the firmness on their side of the mattress.

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Morphiis Mattress Review

Sinkage will also vary depending on which inserts you’ve used, but it’s generally about the same as other foam mattresses. Remember you can also vary the sinkage on specific parts of the mattress to either increase contouring or boost support.

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Motion Transfer

Morphiis Mattress Review

Because it’s more responsive than memory foam, the Morphiis mattress has a bit more motion transfer. But the individual inserts do an excellent job of preventing disturbance from spreading too far.

So while you might slightly feel your partner’s movements when you are awake, they are not strong enough to wake you at night.

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Hot/Cold Issues

ULTRA FOAM does not retain heat or moisture. The mattress stays cool and fresh all the time. The breathable cover also helps keep the surface cool to the touch.

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Pros and Cons


  • Customizable comfort – you can adjust it at home, until it fits your needs.
  • Outstanding body zone adjustability: this mattress is perfect for pregnant women and child-bearing couples.
  • Great price, considering the technology.
  • Long trial period and warranty.


  • A bit of motion transfer, but not too much.
  • Requires some work to adjust.

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This Mattress is Perfect For You If…

Morphiis Mattress Review

  • You are looking for a super-adjustable mattress due to health, pregnancy or back pain needs.
  • You are part of a couple with different comfort and firmness preferences.

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The Morphiis mattress provides a level of customization beyond any other adjustable mattress we've seen or tested.

This is a mattress you can adjust for anyone or for any life situation; for example, you can reconfigure it to provide more support or comfort in certain areas of your body if you get pregnant, develop a back problem, break your leg or just want a different feel.

Or, if you use it into the guest room, you will always make your long-term guests happy.

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Where to Buy?

Visit the official website to buy the Morphiis customizable mattress.  This is where you will find the best deal and where you will get the best warranty and return policies.

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