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Best Place to Buy a Sparrow Hybrid Mattress

I recommend buying directly on Nest Bedding’s official website. That’s where you are guaranteed to get their 100-night trial period and lifetime warranty and also enjoy their latest discounts and offers.

That’s also the only place you can apply for 0% financing and take advantage of white glove delivery (for a small fee).

You may not get similar policies and benefits when you buy from other retailers.

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Our Sparrow Signature Hybrid Mattress Review


The Sparrow signature Hybrid is one of the best hybrid mattresses online. Customers highly rate it, and we’ve also ranked it as one of the top mattresses on this site.

What makes it so good?

Nest Bedding did an excellent job designing this mattress. It has the perfect mix and configuration of materials that work together to provide a great sleeping experience.

There are five layers in total adding up to 13.5” in thickness.

The first layer is made of a gel memory foam inside a quilted THERMIC phase change cover.

The second layer uses 3.8″ of Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam, which is all about pressure relief and cooling.

Together, the top two layers almost feel like the mattress has a pillow top because of how plush it is.

The third layer absorbs your weight and distributes it to ensure you are properly aligned. It’s also infused with copper to boost heat dissipation.

A thin slice of transition foam leads to the pocket coil base. The coils provide compression support and ensure the mattress lasts for years.

Because they are individually wrapped, they do a great job of contouring, motion control, and ventilation.

Nest Bedding also paid a lot of attention to the cover.

It’s not your ordinary fabric; it’s infused with PCMs or phase change materials. All you need to know about them is that they keep the mattress comfortably cool all the time regardless of the weather outside.

Nest Bedding uses premium materials to make the Sparrow signature Hybrid. And they prove it by standing behind it with a lifetime warranty. Only a couple other brands are confident enough to offer a similar warranty.

They also have something else called a lifetime comfort guarantee which lets you interchange the mattress for a firmer or softer one at any time for as long as you own the mattress.

Shipping is free (for the continental US), and they offer the option of white glove delivery. The trial period is 100 nights with free returns.

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How the Sparrow Signature Hybrid Mattress Compares

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