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Saatva Mattress Topper Review [2023]

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Shopping for a Saatva mattress topper?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Saatva offers three kinds of mattress toppers: a graphite, latex, and high-density foam mattress toppe

About Saatva Mattress Toppers

Saatva organic mattress pad

Saatva is one of the biggest online mattress companies. They make one of the most popular hybrid mattresses, the Saatva Classic and a highly rated airbed, the Saatva Solaire.

Their mattress toppers are similarly highly rated for comfort and quality. They are also a cheaper alternative to buying a new mattress. 

You can refresh your old mattress or make it more comfortable using one of Saatva’s toppers. 

You can choose from three types of mattress toppers as summarized below. 

  • 3” graphite-infused memory foam topper. Ideal for those who want the pressure relief of memory foam without the heat. The Saatva graphite topper has a soft feel.
  • 1.5” natural latex topper. Best for those who want to add lumbar support and pressure point relief to their mattress. It’s also great for hot sleepers and anyone who prefers eco-friendly bedding. The Saatva latex topper has a medium feel.
  • 1.5” high-density foam topper. Best choice for shoppers on a budget. The ‘medium feel’ topper provides both support and contouring, making it a great choice for side and back sleepers. 

What's In This Mattress Topper Review?

In this review, we tell you everything you need to know about Saatva mattress toppers including the differences among the three toppers, how each feels, and which one is best for your situation. 

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Saatva Mattress Toppers: Comparison 

If you are in a hurry, here’s a quick comparison among the three Saatva mattress toppers.

Graphite Latex High-density foam
3” thick 1.5” thick 1.5” thick
Graphite-infused memory foam Natural Talalay latex High-density polyfoam
Organic cotton cover Organic cotton cover Organic cotton cover
Soft Medium Medium
Best for side sleepers Best for side & back sleepers Best for side & back sleepers
Cooling: Good Cooling: Excellent Cooling: Good

Saatva Mattress Toppers: Reviews

1. Saatva Graphite Mattress Topper 

saatva mattress topper

If you want a mattress topper that cradles your pressure points and softens a firm mattress, get the Saatva graphite memory foam topper. 


The Saatva graphite topper is a memory foam topper infused with graphite in the top layer. 

The purpose of adding graphite to memory foam is to pull heat away from your body, helping you sleep cooler. 

The graphite topper is 3” thick and comes complete with an organic cotton cover and elastic bands. 

How Does It Feel?

The Saatva memory foam graphite topper is soft. The memory foam construction combined with the 3” thickness gives it an extra-plush feel, allowing your body to sink into the topper. 

If you want to soften a too-firm mattress, the graphite topper is a great choice. It is ideal for side sleepers who want extra pressure point relief. 

We don't recommend it for back and stomach sleepers. 


Memory foam tends to trap heat and get uncomfortably warm. Soft memory foam like the one used in the Saatva mattress topper hugs your body closely and gets even hotter. 

However, the Saatva graphite topper doesn't sleep as hot as you’d expect. The graphite improves its cooling performance, and the breathable cotton helps too. 

That said, extra-hot sleepers and those who are sensitive to heat may still find the Saatva graphite topper too warm. We recommend the latex topper instead. 

The Saatva Graphite Mattress Topper is Best For:

  • Side sleepers looking to soften a firm mattress and enjoy deeper pressure relief. 
  • Anyone shopping for a soft and plush memory foam topper for their firm mattress. 
  • Hot sleepers shopping for a soft memory foam topper that has decent cooling performance. 

2. Saatva Natural Latex Mattress Topper

saatva latex mattress topper

If you prefer eco-friendly bedding or you are too hot a sleeper to ever feel comfortable on memory foam, we recommend the Saatva natural latex mattress topper. 


The Saatva latex mattress topper is made with 100% natural latex. It’s not certified organic, but it’s still eco-friendly and healthy. 

The topper measures 1.5” thick and comes with an organic cotton cover similar to the other toppers. It also includes elastic bands for securing it to the mattress.

How Does It Feel?

Natural latex feels very different from memory foam. While memory foam hugs your body and you sink into it, latex feels buoyant and floaty. 

The Saatva latex topper has a medium feel, so it is soft enough to relieve pressure points while offering a good amount of support. 

We recommend it mostly for back sleepers who feel like their mattress is a tad too firm and causes sore shoulders and back. 

The Saatva latex topper adds just the right amount of softness without compromising support. 


The Saatva latex mattress topper is a great choice for anyone shopping for a cooling mattress topper. 

Natural latex has excellent cooling performance. Its ventilated design allows airflow and the latex itself doesn't trap heat like memory foam does. 

Hot sleepers can get the Saatva latex topper to improve cooling on their foam mattress, while also making it a bit softer. 

The Saatva Latex Mattress Topper is Best For: 

  • Back sleepers looking to add more pressure relief to their firm mattress, without affecting lumbar support.  
  • Hot sleepers. 
  • Anyone shopping for a natural, eco-friendly mattress topper. 

3. Saatva High-Density Foam Topper 

saatva latex mattress topper

Looking for a pressure-relieving topper that’s more supportive than memory foam? Try the Saatva high-density foam topper. 

It softens a firm mattress while still providing lumbar support. 


This topper is made with high-density polyfoam, making it the cheapest option among the three Saatva toppers

It’s a good choice if you find memory foam too soft or hot, and latex toppers too expensive. 

The Saatva high-density foam mattress topper is 1.5” thick. It comes with an organic cotton cover and elastic bands for securing the topper to the mattress. 

How Does It Feel?

The Saatva high-density foam topper has a medium feel with a nice balance between soft and firm. 

It doesn't have the same deep hug of memory foam but feels softer than the latex topper. If you want pressure point relief, the Saatva foam topper is a good choice. 

It’s firm enough to provide lumbar support. And since it’s just 1.5” thick, it doesn't soften your mattress too much. 

This makes the Saatva foam topper a good pick for back and side sleepers who want to add just a bit of softness to their mattress. 


Polyfoam doesn't trap as much heat as memory foam. Mild to average hot sleepers should be able to sleep on the Saatva foam topper without overheating.

The breathable cotton cover also helps keep you cool. 

For extra-hot sleepers, however, we recommend the Saatva latex topper. 

The Saatva High-density Foam Topper is Best For: 

  • Anyone shopping for an affordable mattress topper. 
  • Hot sleepers who find memory foam too hot. 
  • Back and side sleepers looking for a soft but supportive foam mattress topper. 

Where To Buy

The only place to buy a Saatva mattress topper is on the official Saatva website. Saatva does not sell its toppers on third-party websites like Amazon.

All three mattress toppers are available in all the usual sizes from twin to Cal King. There’s also an option to order a split King or Cal King mattress. 

If you want, you can apply for Klarna financing when checking out. If you qualify, you’ll be able to pay for the mattress topper in installments. 


Saatva offers free shipping for their mattress toppers. 

180-Night Trial Period

Saatva allows customers to return mattress toppers within 180 days after the delivery date. Returns are free, so you’ll receive a full refund. 

1 Year Warranty 

If you decide to keep the topper, Saatva’s warranty covers it for one year.

Saatva Mattress Toppers Cleaning and Care 

All three Saatva mattress toppers come with a removable and washable cover. Follow the cleaning instructions on the label and make sure the cover is fully dry before you put it back over the topper. 

The topper itself is not washable. If it gets dirty or stained, spot clean with water and mild detergent.

If you have a mattress protector, place the topper under it. That way, you don't have to worry about the topper getting dirty or stained. 

It’s a good idea to rotate and flip the Saatva mattress topper at least every six months. This will even out the wear and increase the topper’s lifespan.

Saatva Mattress Toppers: FAQs

Are Saatva mattress toppers good for back pain? 

The Saatva latex topper and the Saatva foam topper are the best for back pain. They have a medium feel that relieves pressure on your body while maintaining lumbar support. 

Which is the best Saatva mattress topper for side sleepers?

The Saatva graphite memory foam topper is the best choice for side sleepers. It’s the thickest and softest topper, meaning it provides the best pressure point relief. 

It is especially ideal for side sleepers with hip or shoulder pain. 

How long do Saatva mattress toppers last?

Mattress toppers don't last as long as mattresses. The Saatva foam and graphite memory foam toppers will last between 3 and 5 years. 

The Saatva latex topper can last a bit longer than this depending on how well you take care of it. 

How thick are Saatva mattress toppers?

The Saatva graphite memory foam topper is 3” thick, while the foam and latex toppers are each 1.5” thick. 

Do Saatva mattress toppers sleep cool?

The best Saatva topper for hot sleepers is the natural latex topper. It doesn't get hot at all and can make a hot mattress cooler. 

The memory foam topper contains graphite to pull away heat from your body, but it can still feel warm to sensitive sleepers.

The foam topper is cooler than memory foam but not as cool as latex. It’s best for sleepers who only get mildly hot. 

What does graphite do in the Saatva memory foam topper? 

The purpose of adding graphite to the memory foam topper is to keep you cool. Graphite draws heat away from your body and helps dissipate it away from the topper.

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