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10 Beautiful Transitional Pillow Ideas

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The transitional style is a blend of modern and traditional, providing you a ton of latitude when designing your space.

If you are kind of a person who prefers a single design motif or theme, then the traditional style is not for you.

One key to a perfect transitional style room is selecting items that complement each other while tying the pieces personally – to you and your lifestyle.

Transitional homes today are perfect for people who don’t like the cold look of modern and contemporary homes but want luxury AND comfort in one place.

When it comes to comfort, your choice of pillows will play a huge role.

Here are ten beautiful transitional pillow ideas to add comfort with luxury into your space:

1. Leather Pillow

Leather Pillow

A perfect addition to your bed or couch to enhance the look and feel of the space!

2. Striped Pillows

Transitional striped Pillows

Striped pillows never go out of fashion!

Mix or match your striped pillows with plains or other printed patterned pillows and see how lively your room becomes!

3. Mix & Match

Mix & Match

This is what we were talking about in our previous design tip!

Mix and match different styles that complement each other!!

4. Colorful Pillows

Transitional colorful Pillows

Just put these kinds of stylish colorful pillows on a white bed and see how your room speaks about your style!

5. Knitted Pillow

Transitional knitted Pillow

This beautiful knitted pillow cushion with shell and beads will please you and your guests!

6. Geometrical Pattern

Geometrical Pattern

Decorative cushion with a geometrical pattern of yellow and black threads embroidered.

Use it on either white or black plain bedding, and it is going to grace the entire room beautifully!

7. Light Colors

Light Colors

It is sensible to add light color furnishings and accessories on dark walls.

Just see how the light-colored pillows on a white sofa against the wall gracing up the entire space!

8. Flower Printed Pillows

Flower Printed Pillows

These flower printed pillows will look beautiful in any transitional setting bedroom!

9. Sofa with cushions

Transitional Pillow Ideas

Sofa with cushions against the coffee table, glass jar with dried flowers, vase, and candle on the wooden tray, all make a perfect transitional setting.

10. Blue Decorative Pillows On White Bed

Transitional Pillow Ideas

Note the blue and green decorative throw pillows on a king-size bed, with white quilt and linens.

The transitional style is the art of mixing old and new and making them work well together.

By simply changing out pillows, you can update the look and feel of your bedroom.

The nice thing about transitional style is the flexibility it offers – feel free to mix and match all sorts of different shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors to make your space look – wow!

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