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Thim Ring Sleep Tracker Review

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While some people sleep peacefully throughout the night, others keep tossing and turning, finding no feat harder than falling asleep.

If you belong to the latter, the Thim Ring Sleep Tracker might help.

This highly innovative, scientifically backed ring is a practical solution for your sleeplessness. The Thim Ring Sleep Tracker can make sure you never experience a bad night's sleep again.

The Thim Ring is one of the best options, as it uses a newly discovered technique of ‘sleep retraining’ to help you sleep longer and better.

The ring can actually allow you to sleep 30 minutes faster and 70 minutes longer by providing accurate real-time data, and it refines and boosts your sleep quality and duration.

You only need to wear the Thim Ring while sleeping. It comes in various band sizes, so you can find one that fits your finger well.

Also, the Thim app that it connects to is really easy to use and is pretty hassle-free.

The Thim Ring features a 100% silicone band and is safe for sensitive skin, making it an excellent option for those who want to monitor and enhance their sleep quality.

How does the Thim Ring Work?

Startling the world with their pioneering and innovative research, in 2007, Professor Lack and his team of researchers conducted a sleep experiment to assess ‘sleep retraining’. This involved waking up volunteers after regular intervals in an hour to allow them to sleep on a deeper level.

The result?

The participants agreed that they took less time to fall asleep, 30 mins less on average, and slept as long as 70 minutes more.

This discovery led to the development of the Thim Ring Sleep Tracker.

The Thim Ring Sleep Tracker is great for insomniacs, as it allows you to sleep earlier and longer and wake up more rested in the morning.

The Thim Ring Sleep Tracker calibrates by vibrating every 30 seconds. You respond to this by tapping your fingers, allowing the Thim to learn your level of responsiveness.

Once the calibration is over and you fall asleep, the ring vibrates every few minutes for an hour, which wakes you and lets you fall back asleep, allowing sleep retraining to take place. This method trains your body to get better sleep and take fewer minutes to fall asleep.

The Thim Ring connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you can use the app to adjust its settings.

Through sleep retraining with Thim, you can improve your sleep experience. The Thim Ring collects data on sleep onset latency (the time taken to fall asleep), your sleep stages with their duration, and the frequency and duration of waking episodes.

Combining all of these, the Thim calculates your sleep score and your progress.

Pros and Cons

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  • Uses scientifically backed ‘sleep retraining’ technique to improve sleep
  • Accurately tracks sleep
  • Allows you to sleep as much as 30 minutes earlier and 70 minutes longer
  • 100% silicone band doesn’t irritate sensitive skin
  • Thim App is easy to use
  • Has a power napping setting that allows power naps
  • Features smart alarms
  • More affordable than competing rings on the market
  • Connects to the phone via Bluetooth
  • Minimalistic organic design
  • Inbuilt coin vibration and accelerometer
  • Collects data with up to 85% accuracy


  • Tracks only sleep
  • Cannot track heart rate, breathing rate
  • Lacks auto-tracking
  • Does not consider room settings, e.g., temperature, sound, light etc.
  • No display screen
  • Not waterproof

Unique Features

Here are some premium features that make the Thim Ring Sleep Tracker a great option.

Retraining Process

A unique feature of the Thim Ring is its sleep retraining feature. The sleep retaining process is advocated by scientific evidence and can upgrade sleep quality and quantity.

The Thim Ring helps users retrain for sleep by sending gentle vibrations after regular time intervals that wake them up again and again, eventually allowing them to get better deep sleep.

Its purpose is to allow sleepers to fall asleep earlier and stay asleep during the night, and the scientific method of the Thim Ring achieves both.


In order to function for sleep retraining, the Thim Ring first calibrates itself according to your response. It records and recognizes your unique level of responsiveness during the calibration process.

The vibrations occur every 30 seconds, and you have to respond to them simply by tapping your fingers. This allows the Thim to know if you’re awake or asleep.

Power Napping

A secondary feature that the Thim Ring offers is the power nap feature. It fairly judges your sleep in the superficial REM phase and wakes you once the time you set passes.

This remarkable feature allows you to wake up refreshed, as alarms can only count down the time. On the contrary, the Thim knows when you’ve fallen asleep – down to the minute as it counts down once you enter stage 1 sleep. This way, it provides you with the perfect power nap.


The Thim Ring collects data by using the movements of your finger instead of your wrists.

The minute-to-minute responsive movement of the fingers makes it fairly accurate.

In addition, the inbuilt coin vibration allows it to emit gentle but subtle vibrations. And its accelerometer senses the finger movements with great precision.

All of these features allow the Thim Ring to monitor your sleep with a remarkable 85% accuracy, unlike other trackers that rely on actigraphy alone.

Sleep Score

The data that the Thim collects appears on your dashboard as the sleep score. Keeping track of this data allows you to monitor the effectiveness of the sleep retraining process.

This sleep score is a cumulative measure of:

  • The sleep onset latency (time taken to fall asleep).
  • The 4 stages of sleep and their durations.
  • Frequency and duration of waking episodes.

Design and Aesthetics

The Thim Ring comes in a minimalistic arctic white design. The company also offers personalized and customized Thim Rings.

It comes in a 100% silicone band, making it durable and a reaction-free option for users with sensitive skin. The band comes in four sizes (small, medium, large and XL), so you can choose one that best fits you.

The Thim Ring Sleep Tracker Vs Its Competitors

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If you need a device that tracks and monitors only sleep, the Thim Ring is just right.

However, the Thim Ring, unlike most competitors, does not offer fitness tracking. It also does not include other features like various body sensors, gyroscope, oximeter or s water-resistant body, etc.

But, what makes the Thim Ring worth purchasing is its promising ability to help chronic insomniacs improve their sleep quality and quantity. This is a feature that no other tech gadget offers, making the Thim Ring exactly what you need if you’re on a hunt for only a sleep-related product.

Issues and Concerns


The Thim Ring Sleep Tracker is more pocket-friendly than its competitors.

While it doesn’t offer any other features besides sleep tracking, it still is quite worthy of the price because it helps enhance sleep quality.

Battery Life

The Thim Ring comes with an in-built rechargeable 26 mAh Li-ion battery that lasts for up to 5 days and takes only 2 hours to charge.

The charging process is the same as almost all devices; just plug it into a USB wire connected to a power outlet.

How To Use The Thim Ring Sleep Tracker

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Using the Thim Ring Sleep Tracker is quite easy and straightforward. To adjust the device settings, you need to connect it to the Thim app via your smartphone.

Once this is done, the next step is calibration. The Thim ring vibrates every 30 seconds, and you need to respond to it by tapping your fingers. This allows it to learn your unique responsive levels.

After calibrating the ring, you can start using it by choosing sleep retraining or power nap on your smartphone. Then place the Thim on any finger you are comfortable with and go to bed.

The Thim is designed to vibrate after every few minutes for sleep retraining in the first hour. Your tapping response indicates you’ve woken and then gone back to sleep. Falling asleep over and over again will eventually condition your body to fall asleep sooner and with ease.

Once you stop tapping, the Thim Ring starts to record your sleep score. It collects your sleep latency and the duration of different sleep periods.

The power nap feature also functions in a  similar fashion – the only difference being that the Thim vibrates every 30 seconds. When you don’t tap your fingers, the Thim monitors your nap until it's time to wake you up. The ideal power nap lasts for 10 minutes and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and recharged.


  • Color: Arctic White
  • Casing: Polycarbonate Casing
  • Size: 4 band sizes (small, medium, large, extra-large)
  • Material: 100% silicone
  • Compatibility: iOS 11 and above, Android 7.0 and above
  • Battery: rechargeable 26 mAh Li-ion polymer battery, lasting up to 5 days
  • Charging: via USB cable, takes 2 hours
  • Coin vibration for sleep retraining
  • Bluetooth for Wireless Connection
  • Light indicator

Where to Buy

If you struggle with insomnia and have difficulty sleeping, the Thim Ring is just what you need! You can get yours directly from the manufacturer’s website!

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