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What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

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Mattress shopping is more complicated than it seems. There are numerous types of mattresses with widely varying designs and features you didn’t even think mattresses needed.

But we can break down the confusing sea of options into three types of mattresses.

  • All-foam mattresses – mattresses consisting entirely of foam. It can be latex foam, memory foam, or a combination of different foams.
  • Innerspring mattresses – mattresses with an innerspring core and thin padding of foam or fiber.
  • Hybrid mattresses –mattresses consisting of a relatively thick foam comfort section (latex foam, memory foam or a combination of foams) and an innerspring core.

In this post, we have explained the last type – hybrid mattress – in more detail.

These mattresses tend to be the most expensive. Most luxury mattresses are hybrid mattresses. They have great support, feel very comfortable, and last long.

If you are interested in buying one, read our hybrid mattress reviews and buying guide.

Construction of Hybrid Mattresses


When you group mattresses by construction, you get the three general types I listed above: all-foam, innerspring, and hybrid.

Hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of foam mattresses and traditional innerspring mattresses.

You get the soft contouring and pressure relief of foam and the robust support and responsiveness of springs.

Because of this combination of materials, hybrid mattresses tend to be thicker than other types of mattresses. Most range between 12” to 16”.

Here are the layers in a typical hybrid mattress.

Comfort Section – 1-3 Layers

Most hybrid mattresses start with an all-foam comfort section at the top to provide maximum comfort and pressure relief.

The comfort section can be just one type of foam, such as memory foam, or several types of foam arranged in 2 to 3 layers.

For example, the Sparrow Hybrid has a comfort section consisting of memory foam at the very top and a special type of foam called Energex below it.

The Saatva mattress, one of the most popular hybrid mattresses, consists of a pillow top and a memory foam layer beneath it.

Core – 1 layer

This is where you’ll find the springs. Most hybrid mattresses use pocket coils rather than the traditional Bonnell or continuous coils.

Pocket coils are individually wrapped, allowing them to respond to pressure and motion individually.

This enhances contouring and reduces motion transfer.

Pocket coils are also great for ventilation. Air flows easily between the coils, carrying excess heat and moisture out of the mattress.

Base – 1 layer

Some mattresses use the spring layer as the base of the mattress, with only a thin layer of padding between the springs and the floor.

Others have a high-density foam base, usually made from poly foam.

Benefits of Buying a Hybrid Mattress

Nest Hybrid Latex

1. You Enjoy More Support

The combination foam and coils and the added thickness makes hybrid mattresses more supportive than all-foam mattresses.

This is great for couples and overweight individuals.

Some hybrid mattresses like the Big Fig are designed specifically for plus size sleepers.

2. It’s More Responsive

A hybrid mattress has a nice bouncy feel that no foam mattress can provide. If you love a bouncy mattress, get a hybrid instead of a foam mattress.

3. It Will Last Longer

Hybrid mattresses typically have longer warranties than foam mattresses.

Saatva has a 15-year warranty. The Big Fig mattress is backed by a 20-year warranty, and Nest Bedding provides a lifetime warranty on their hybrid mattresses.

That’s because they last longer thanks to the combination of high-quality foam and a robust coil core.

While a foam mattress on average lasts 7-10 years, a good quality hybrid mattress can last 15-20 years without sagging or losing support.

If you are tired of replacing your mattress every few years, invest in a premium hybrid mattress. It will cost you more compared to a foam mattress, but in the long run, you save money.

4. Body-Molding Contouring

The picket-style coils used in most hybrid mattresses allow the mattress to contour to your body curves and angles.

No matter your sleeping position, the mattress molds to your body, providing excellent support and pressure relief.

Hybrid mattresses with a memory foam comfort section are even better at contouring. The memory foam hugs your body, relieving pressure around your hips, shoulders, and back.

5. Cooler Nights

If you live in a hot area or you tend to get hot at night, don’t even think about buying a memory foam mattress.

Many have cooling technologies such as gel or perforated foam, but they can’t beat the cooling power of a hybrid mattress.

Even if the mattress has a memory foam layer on top, the coils underneath provide enough airflow to keep heat flowing out of the mattress.

If you still don’t want to get a hybrid mattress, we recommend a latex foam mattress. It’s much cooler than a memory foam mattress.

Downsides of a Hybrid Mattress


1. Pricey

You can easily find a good quality all-foam mattress for less than $1,000. Popular brands like Casper and Leesa sell their mattresses at an affordable price range.

But when it comes to the best hybrid mattresses, expect to pay a bit more.

High-quality hybrid mattresses start at $1,200 for a Queen size with some even going over $2,000.

But at least, you don’t have to buy a new mattress for the next 15-20 years.

2. Heavy and Bulky

Because of their construction, hybrid mattresses are heavy and bulky.

You cannot set up the mattress yourself. Luckily, most manufacturers provide free delivery and setup. Others charge a small fee for setup.

But once the mattress has been set up, it’s tedious work to turn it over or move it to another room in the future.


Best Mattress For A Stomach Sleeper

Hybrid mattresses like Saatva, Purple and Sparrow Hybrid, are some of the highest-rated mattresses online.

They are more supportive than an all-foam mattress, are more luxurious than spring and foam mattresses and last longer.

Read our reviews of the best hybrid mattresses available online


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