Zotto Sleep

Zotto Mattress Review

Zotto Sleep Mattress Review


The Zotto Sleep mattress uses a proprietary blend of memory and Energex foams to deliver a cool and supportive night's sleep. And the warranty is hard to beat at this price.

Great Choice for: Those looking for an affordable memory foam mattress that sleeps cool and has excellent edge support.

Avoid if: You are heavier than average. This is a 10” mattress.

Price: $850-$1,395

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The Zotto mattress is unlike any other memory mattress.

Instead of stacking generic foam layers, it contains a proprietary blend of modified memory foams.

The result is a mattress that provides better support, contouring, and cooling than many other memory foam mattresses sold online.

The pricing is as affordable as other leading memory foam beds-in-a-box, and you get the standard 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty.

Read this review of the Zotto mattress to find out whether it’s right for you.

If this is not what you are looking for, then Leesa and Casper are two great alternatives that cost about the same. 

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About Zotto Sleep

Zotto Sleep

The Zotto mattress had its beginnings on Kickstarter where it raised around $94,000 from more than a hundred backers.

When Zotto Sleep launched in 2015, they wanted to create a memory foam mattress without the many problems that plague memory foam mattresses. Namely heating, lower lifespan, lack of responsiveness and reduced support.

So instead of using traditional memory foam, they created three proprietary types of viscoelastic foam and stacked them together into what they call their ‘Z3TM' package.

Together with a high-density base foam, these layers deliver a good balance of support and pressure relief while also ensuring cool nights and a long lasting mattress.

In customer reviews, owners really love the mattress saying it’s better than most memory foam mattresses they’ve slept on.

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Social Impact

Zotto Sleep

Zotto Sleep manufacturers their mattresses in the United States, in a factory located in Southern California. This provides jobs locally and ensures a quality product.

They only uses foams that are Certi-Pur certified, meaning they don’t contain harmful ingredients such as ozone depleters, mercury or PBDE flame retardants.

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Purchase Process

Zotto Sleep

You can buy the Zotto Sleep mattress on Amazon, but we recommend buying this mattress on their official website, because warranties and prices can fluctuate and often be worse on third party retail sites.

By buying on Zotto's site, you can be sure you are getting a genuine product and you’ll enjoy the full 100-night trial period (Amazon has a 30-day return period).

Once you get to the main product page, you just need to select the size. There are no comfort options.

There’s also no financing available at the moment.

So just add your order to cart and pay with your credit card.

The mattress will be shipped to you free via FedEx in 1-6 days.

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The Zotto mattress costs about the same as other popular memory foam mattresses including Casper, Nectar, Purple and Leesa.

Listed below is their full price list. Visit their official website to see the latest prices and any current offers.

Twin $850
Twin XL $900
Full $1,050
Queen $1,275
King $1,395
Cal King $1,395

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100-Night Trial

Zotto Sleep

Zotto Sleep has an industrystandard return policy.

That is to say, you'll get 100 nights to try the mattress in your home. If after sleeping on it for at least 30 nights you don’t like the mattress, then contact customer support to make a return. They’ll arrange a pickup from your home at no charge.

Returns are absolutely free. You’ll get a full refund on your purchase.

Returned mattresses are donated to charity.

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10-Year Warranty

Zotto Sleep

Zotto's warranty is 10 years long and non-prorated.

While their Ts and Cs are fairly standard, there’s one way the warranty stands out.

Most online mattresses specify that they only cover indentations of more than 1” or 1.5”.

But Zotto Sleep covers any indentation as long as the mattress was used on a proper foundation and within the maximum weight limit (300lbs).   

That’s a pretty bold decision. But the company says the foam they use is very high quality and guaranteed to last at least ten years.

Memory foam mattresses are not exactly known for their durability. Zotto is different.

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Zotto Sleep

Zotto Sleeps ships the mattress free via FedEx within the continental United States.

At the moment they don’t ship to Hawaii, Alaska or any destination outside the US.

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Delivery and Setup

Zotto Sleep

The mattress takes up to 6 days to get to you, depending on your location.

Your Zotto is delivered in a 19.5” X 19.5” X 44” box that should fit easily through tight doorways and up the stairs.

The mattress is relatively easy to unbox and roll onto your bed foundation.

It will take a couple of days for this mattress to puff up to its normal size. But you can sleep on it immediately.

There is also a slight smell, but it will fade quickly.

The mattress works with any kind of sheets. You can also use a heating pad if you want, as it won’t damage the mattress.

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Foundation and Frame

Zotto Sleep

What type of bed frame/support does Zotto require?  

Any kind of sturdy frame will do. If you use a slatted foundation, make sure the slats are at most 4” apart to prevent sagging.

Does the Zotto work on an adjustable bed?

Yes, it does.

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Care and Cleaning

Is a mattress protector needed for Zotto?

Not necessary. The mattress cover is removable and washable so you can clean stains right off.

But if you decide to use a mattress protector, make sure it is thin and breathable.

This is because the mattress’ cooling technology depends on maintaining close contact with your skin. A thick or waterproof mattress protector will make this cooling less efficient.

Do you need to rotate the Zotto mattress?

Yes. Zotto Sleep recommends rotating the mattress every 6-12 months to even out wear.

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Aesthetics and Styling

Zotto Sleep

Zotto's styling is simple and very minimalist.

There are just two colors on the cover – white on top and light grey on the sides – in textured patterns.

At 10 inches of thickness, Zotto looks just like a normal mattress. If you are looking for a thick hotel-like luxury mattress, this is not it.

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Zotto Sleep's mattress consists of 4 foam layers: 2 layers of memory foam, 1 layer of EnergexTM foam and 1 layer of high-density poly foam.

These layers are covered by a fire sock and a polyester + rayon cover.

Here’s a complete breakdown of these different layers.

Comfort/cooling layer: 2” of Thermaphase foam

Zotto Sleep

The top comfort layer consists of gel-infused memory foam.

But it’s not just any gel; it is gel made from PCM (phase changing materials).

PCM is used in numerous applications to maintain a specific temperature range. If it gets too hot, they melt. As they melt, they absorb heat thus creating a cooler environment.

If it gets too cold, they freeze. As they freeze they release stored heat, thus creating a warmer environment.

In a mattress, PCMs are really good at keeping the bed comfortable. Not too hot, not too cold.

The Zotto mattress actually uses two types of PCMs which react at specific temperature points. This keeps the mattress within a tight temperature range that is ideal for sleep.

Support/pressure relief layer: 2” of CoolFlow foam

Zotto Sleep

The top layer is quite soft, which allows you to sink comfortably into the mattress.

The slightly firmer second layer ensures you don’t sink in too far. It keeps your back and spine properly aligned by distributing weight evenly across the mattress. This prevents neck and back pain.

This layer also provides pressure relief for vulnerable pressure points such as the hips, lower back, and shoulders.

Support/transition layer: 2” of Energex foam

Zotto SleepIf you only had the first two layers to support your weight, most people would bottom out and feel the firm base layer.

The transition layer is there to provide compression support especially for couples and heavy sleepers.

It consists of Energex foam which is close to latex foam regarding bounce and support. It gives the Zotto mattress a nice bounce that you don’t get with other memory foam mattresses.

This layer also ensures that any motion is localized. In other words, it reduces motion transfer for couples.

Base layer: 4” of high-density polyfoam

Zotto Sleep

An ultra-dense layer of poly foam provides overall support and ensures the mattress lasts for years without sagging.

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Zotto's cover is made from polyester and rayon which makes it both soft and tough. It’s also stretchy and breathable.

One thing I like about the cover is that you can unzip it from the mattress and throw it in your washing machine. This is not always possible with other mattresses.

So you won’t have to worry about stains or dirt. You can just wash them right off.

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There will be a bit of a smell after you unpack your Zotto – but it’s not much, and it’s harmless.

The smell fades away within a day or two. You can speed the off-gassing process by leaving the mattress uncovered in a well-ventilated room for several hours.

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Sleeping Experience

Zotto Sleep

The Zotto mattress feels like other memory foam mattresses, but with a bit more bounce and less sinkage.

Pressure relief is excellent, as is back support.

Zotto's edges feel more supportive and rigid than the vast majority of memory foam mattresses in its price range. This is because of the transition foam which enhances edge support.

Cooling is not a problem thanks to the PCM in the top layer. The mattress didn't get too hot during our warm New Orleans nights.

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The Zotto Sleep mattress comes in one firmness option: medium-firm.

Zotto's engineers designed their mattress to respond uniquely to each sleeper’s needs. If you are heavier, the foam pushes you back more for better support. If you are a side sleeper, the foam sinks in just the right places for pressure relief.

This mattress' firmness falls at around 6-6.5 our of 10, making it slightly firmer than other medium-firm memory foam mattresses.

This firmness works great for most kinds of sleepers including back, stomach, side and combination sleepers.

But if you prefer a soft plush mattress, Zotto is probably not right for you.  At this price range, I'd buy a Nectar.

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Sinkage is slightly less than that of a traditional memory foam mattress, which is why the mattress feels a bit firmer.

But it’s still enough to provide just the right amount of contouring. For heavier sleepers, you won’t feel like you are trapped in a swamp.

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Motion Transfer

Zotto Sleep

Being an all-foam mattress, motion transfer is very little. The transition layer ensures any disturbance remain localized in the source area.

This is great for couples. You can both enjoy quality undisturbed sleep.

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Hot/Cold Issues

Memory foam has a pretty bad rap when it comes to cooling. But Zotto is unlike most older memory foam mattresses.

For one, Zotto's foam has been modified to enhance airflow. They have also added a latex-like foam (the Energex transition foam) that is great at cooling.

But the most effective cooling strategy they’ve used is the addition of the PCM gels in the top layer. They create a constant micro-climate that keeps you cool and comfortable all year round.

As a result, this is one of the coolest-sleeping all-foam mattresses in this price range.

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Pros and Cons


  • Excellent cooling.
  • Excellent edge support.
  • A little more bounce than pure memory foam.
  • 10-year non-prorated warranty with no indentation limits.


  • Only one firmness option.
  • No shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or international.

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Zotto Mattress is Perfect for You If…

Zotto Sleep

  • You want a memory foam mattress but are concerned about overheating. Zotto doesn’t have any heating issues at all.
  • You are looking for a good quality but super-affordable memory foam mattress.
  • You sleep in a high bed or otherwise need better-than-average edge support.

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Memory foam mattresses are exceptionally comfortable and significantly cheaper than latex or hybrid mattresses.

But most don’t last long without indenting, and owners often complain about overheating.

The Zotto Sleep mattress uses an innovative blend of foams to provide all-season cool comfort, adequate support, body-hugging pressure relief and guaranteed durability.

And they back up their claims with an excellent non-prorated warranty.

What's not to like?

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