Transitional Dresser Ideas

10 Beautiful Transitional Dresser Ideas

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The transitional style is the ultimate mix of past and present – traditional and contemporary – styles. 

To pull off a transitional look, you want to be intentional about your mix of furnishings and décor items – the real trick is to make sure they complement each other.

Transitional furniture pieces often blend two or more different era design touches into a single piece.

For example, an older traditional dresser might get a more popular finish to add a more sophisticated and sleek look.

In this post, we will discuss dressers that mix different era styles, designed to be used in a Transitional style bedroom.

Dressers must be functional first – they need to contain plenty of storage that provides ample space to store everyday essentials.

The good news is that there is a wide variety of dressers that look cool in transitional bedrooms.

Below are a handful of examples to stimulate your creative juices.

1. Eclectic Dresser With Silver Handles

Eclectic Dresser With Silver Handles

An eclectic dresser with silver handles.

Note the table lamp with a white shadow, a vase of flowers, a table clock, a flask, and a mirror.

2. Rubber Wood Dresser With Mirror

Rubber Wood Dresser With Mirror

A perfect elegant rubberwood dresser with six-drawers for your transitional style bedroom.

3. A Modern Touch

Transitional Modern Touch

Note how this modern dresser with its sleek and sophisticated design and 8-drawers for storage uses a more traditional walnut wood finish.

Which means this piece will blend with the interior of any transitional style bedroom.

4. Funky Green Fun

Funky Green Fun

It is impossible to ignore this stylish green dresser with its four large drawers and ornate handles.

This one would look great in any modern-leaning transitional space.

Especially if done in basic gray or white.

5. Elegant White 

Elegant White

A classic transitional white dresser with a framed mirror above.

Note the two table lamps on top – not exactly practical, but it is a cool look.

6. A Farmhouse Touch

Transitional Dresser Ideas

The transitional style is all about mixing the old and the new.

Nothing says “old” like this classic farmhouse style dresser – perfect for adding to any transitional bedroom!

 7. Makeup Dresser For Girls

Transitional Dresser Ideas

A pretty make up dresser with mirror for teens.

Also, note the classic mirror and lamp on the top.

8. Three-Drawer Grey Dresser

Transitional Dresser Ideas

Another very simple dresser to add to your transitional bedroom.

Note the white lamp on the top of the cabinet and a vase of burgundy gladiolas sitting near it.

9. Sophisticated Design

Transitional Dresser Ideas

Check out this modern dresser in a unique, distressed color finish.

This is an easy, cool look to pull off with inexpensive unfinished furniture.

10. Natural Gray Finish

Beach House Dresser Ideas

A sleek modern dresser with six drawers in a natural gray wood finish.

The edges and handles make this more interesting than most.

Now you have a few ideas about what kind of dressers fit well into a transitional style bedroom.

The choices are endless because you’re free to mix and match eras and styles to suit your fancy.

So go ahead and style your bedroom any way you like.

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