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Sealy Adjustable Base Review [2023]

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Sealy sells three adjustable bases: the budget Ease® 2.0, the mid-range TEMPUR-Ergo® with two-zone massage, and the premium TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend with a four-zone massage.

Sealy adjustable bed bases can help reduce snoring, improve blood circulation when you sleep, reduce leg swelling, and ease heartburn. They are also a great way to relax in bed when reading a book or to watch TV.

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About Sealy Adjustable Bases

Sealy EASE 2.0 ADJ MECH Bed Mattress Conventional, Twin XL, white

The basics are the same for all three Sealy adjustable bases. Whichever you get, you are going to get an adjustable power base with multiple seating and sleeping positions.

Each base comes with wireless remote control, a zero-gravity mode, adjustable leg height, and split options for the King and Cal King sizes.

What you get by spending more money on the TEMPUR-Ergo and Ergo Extend are extra features to make your bed more comfortable. They include massage, Quiet Mode (anti-snore), and USB ports.

Here's how the three adjustable bases compare.

Ease 2.0TEMPUR-ErgoTEMPUR-Ergo Extend
Up to 57° head lift Up to 57° head lift Up to 57° head lift
Up to 50° leg liftUp to 46° leg liftUp to 40° leg lift
No massage 2-zone massage4-zone massage
Wireless remoteWireless remoteWireless remote
Zero gravity: YesZero gravity: YesZero gravity: Yes
Anti-snore mode: noAnti-snore mode: yesAnti-snore mode: yes
USB Ports: noUSB Ports: yesUSB Ports: yes
Under Bed Lighting: noUnder Bed Lighting: yesUnder Bed Lighting: yes
PerfectSeat: noPerfectSeat: noPerfectSeat: yes
Split options: yes Split options: yes Split options: yes
Adjustable legs: yesAdjustable legs: yesAdjustable legs: yes
650lbs weight capacity700lbs weight capacity850lbs weight capacity
25-year warranty25-year warranty25-year warranty

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Key Features

1. Head & Leg Lift with Zero Gravity Option

Like all adjustable bases, Sealy adjustable bases let you independently lift the head and leg sections. The head lift is similar for all three bases. As for leg lift, the Ease 2.0 has the highest lift (50 degrees), while the Ergo Extend has the lowest lift (40 degrees).

With all three bases, you can select the zero gravity position where you lift both the head and leg section to improve comfort, reduce pressure on the spine, and improve blood circulation.

2. Wireless Remote Control

All three Sealy adjustable bases come with wireless remote control. You won't have to deal with messy wires or a fixed remote position.

The remote control is designed for easy use, even in the dark. The soft-touch keys are backlit, and there are buttons for common presets like zero gravity and Quiet mode, allowing you to select the position you want with just one click. There's also a ‘flat' button that returns the bed to the normal flat position.

One of our favorite buttons is the ‘star' button. If there's a particular position you like, you can hit that button when you are in that position, and the remote control will remember it.

Whenever you are in bed and press the star, the base will adjust to your favorite position.

There's also a TV button that lifts the head section of the base to the optimal TV-watching position. You can program this button to adjust the base to the position you find most comfortable for watching TV.

3. Quiet Mode

If you or your partner has a snoring problem, the Tempur-Ergo and Tempur-Ergo Extend have a handy feature to help you sleep more quietly.

The Quiet Mode button on the remote control raises the head of the base slightly to a position that opens up the airways and reduces or stops snoring.

4. PerfectSeat

PerfectSeat is available only in the Tempur-Ergo Extend adjustable base. Press this button on the remote control and the base adjusts both the head and foot sections to create a comfortable seating position.

PerfectSeat is great for people who spend a lot of time sitting up in bed. It makes the bed almost as comfortable as a seat.

5. Massage

Only the Tempur-Ergo and Tempur-Ergo Extend have a built-in massage function. The Tempur-Ergo has a two-zone massage while the Tempur-Ergo Extend has a four-zone massage.

You can activate the massage feature with a single click of the remote control and choose the ideal intensity from three levels.

6. Adjustable Leg Height

Do you find it easier to get in and out of a low bed, or do you prefer to sleep higher off the floor?

All three Sealy adjustable bases have adjustable leg height, allowing you to choose your preferred height. You can set the base as low as 8″ off the floor or as high as 17″.

7. Extras

  • Two USB ports – available only in the Tempur-Ergo and Tempur-Ergo Extend.
  • Under-bed lighting – available only in the Tempur-Ergo and Tempur-Ergo Extend. You can turn on the light from the remote control. The under-bed lighting is especially handy if you don't want to wake your partner by turning on overhead or bedside lighting.

Construction and Design

All three Sealy adjustable bases feature a heavy-duty metal frame that can withstand hundreds of pounds of weight.

The Sealy Ease 2.0 has a 650lb weight capacity, the Tempur-Ergo 700lbs, and the Tempur-Ergo Extend 850lbs.

The high weight capacity allows you to use a Sealy Adjustable base with any kind of mattress, including heavy hybrid mattresses. The adjustable bases also provide robust support for heavier sleepers.

All three bases feature a retainer bar at the end of the bed that prevents the mattress from sliding off when you adjust to different positions.

Sealy adjustable bases have a dual-motor drive that provides quick and silent adjustment.

Mattress Compatibility

Sealy adjustable bases are compatible with any mattress that can be used with an adjustable base. This includes memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid mattresses.

If you are not sure whether your mattress will work with an adjustable base, contact the mattress seller or manufacturer for guidance. The care guide or manual that came with your mattress may also contain advice on whether the mattress is adjustable base-friendly.


To see the latest prices for the three Sealy adjustable bases (Queen size), click the links below:

Sleeping Experience and Customer Feedback 

Sealy EASE 2.0 ADJ MECH Bed Mattress Conventional, Twin XL, white

Most customers say the Sealy Adjustable base has greatly improved their sleeping experience. It has reduced back pain, reduced insomnia, and improved sleep quality.

The adjustable base is also a great buy for seniors and sick persons who spend a lot of time in bed. Instead of propping them up with lots of pillows, you can simply raise the head section to allow them to sit up and read a book or watch TV. The zero-G feature is also great for improving blood flow.

Snorers and, especially, partners of snorers also say they've been able to sleep more peacefully after buying the Sealy adjustable base. The Quiet mode in the Ergo and Ergo Extend works wonders in preventing snoring.

Even if you don't snore, you'll find that raising the head slightly helps a lot when you have a congested nose or sinuses.

The biggest complaint from customers is about the massage feature. It's not as amazing as most expected and is a bit noisy.

Assembly is also a pain due to the weight of the base. And once you set it up, forget trying to move it yourself when you want to change bed positions or clean under the bed.


Sealy offers a generous 25-year warranty for all three adjustable bases.

For years 1 to 3, you get full coverage for parts and labor.  Years 4 and 5 of the warranty cover only parts; you pay for labor and shipping.

The frame itself is covered in full from the 1st to 25th year.

Return Policy

The return period depends on the retailer you buy the Sealy adjustable base from. If you buy on Amazon, a standard 30-day return period applies.

Certain retailers may charge a return or restocking fee, so be sure to check the term and conditions before you order.

Delivery & Setup

The Sealy adjustable base will be delivered in separate components. Putting everything together is fairly easy but requires at least two strong people.

Remember to set up the base near a power outlet.

As we mentioned, you can choose your preferred height when setting up the bed. Leave the legs off for an 8″ height or extend the legs fully for a 17″ height.

Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Built-in massage (Ergo and Ergo Extend).
  • Zero gravity.
  • USB ports (Ergo and Ergo Extend).
  • Easy to use wireless remote control.
  • Long warranty.


  • Pricey – all three Sealy adjustable bases are more expensive than most other brands.
  • Heavy – tedious to set up or move.
  • Underwhelming massage feature.

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Final Verdict: The Sealy Adjustable Base is Perfect For You If…

Sealy EASE 2.0 ADJ MECH Bed Mattress Conventional, Twin XL, white

  • You are looking for a high-quality and durable, adjustable bed base, and don't mind paying a bit more for it.
  • You spend a lot of time in bed, both during the day and night. Sealy adjustable bases provide versatile positions for sleeping, reading, working, or watching TV.
  • You or your partner snore in sleep. Sealy's quiet mode can help you enjoy snore-free sleep.

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How the Sealy Adjustable Base Compares 

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