Drömma Bed Review: More Is Definitely Better

Leesa vs. Dromma mattress comparison - Dromma Bed

Drömma packs a LOT of value, features and flexibility into their mattress – arguably more than any other mattress in its class.

Drömma’s price is extremely reasonable ranging from $574 to $1,099. And that’s without the discounts they frequently offer, which can be as much as $200.

This puts Drömma in the same range as a lot of other foam mattresses including: Endy, Nest Love Bed, Bear Mattress, Leesa, YogaBed, Keetsa Pillow Plus and Casper.

But consider what you get for that price:

  • Drömma is more eco-friendly than all of them – except Keetsa.
  • Drömma offers a choice in comfort levels – something that only Helix and Nest Love Bed offer.
  • their return policy is 200 days – twice as long as the rest.
  • Drömma is the only 12″ thick mattress of the group. Everyone else’s product is 10″ thick.

That’s a lot of differentiation!

In this review, we’ll take a close look at the Drömma Bed, focusing on how well it performs on important factors including sleep experience, comfort, cooling, and motion transfer.

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