Leesa Hybrid vs. Saatva Mattress

Leesa Hybrid vs. Saatva Mattress Comparison & Reviews

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Leesa is one of the most popular bed-in-a-box companies. The company currently sells three mattresses: the memory foam Leesa original, the pocket coil Leesa Hybrid (previously called Sapira), and the dual pocket coil Leesa Legend.

Saatva is also a popular online mattress brand. Their collection includes the Saatva hybrid mattress, the Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress, and the Zenhaven latex mattress.

What's In This Comparison?

In this 10-minute comparison, we'll compare Leesa Hybrid vs. Saatva mattresses on construction, sleeping experience, price, and other features to help you decide which one is best for your needs and budget.

Use this table of contents to jump to specific feature comparisons.

If you are considering getting a memory foam mattress, see how Leesa's original foam bed compares with Saatva.

Leesa Hybrid vs. Saatva: Which One Should You Buy?


I gave Leesa Hybrid an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.0


  • You want a luxury pocket coil hybrid mattress.
  • You are a hot sleeper.
  • You are ok with a medium-firm mattress.

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I gave Saatva an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.0


  • You are looking for a luxury pocket coil mattress at a bargain price.
  • You want an extra-tall mattress.
  • You prefer an extra-firm or extra-soft mattress.


Saatva versus Leesa Hybrid- how do they compare?

Leesa Hybrid vs. Saatva Mattress


Leesa hybrid and Saatva are both hybrid mattresses. They combine the support and responsiveness of pocket coils with the contouring and pressure relief of foam.

Key Differences

  • Comfort options: Leesa Hybrid comes in just one comfort choice – medium firm. Saatva is available in three: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. Saatva also lets you choose between an 11.5″ and 14.5″ thickness.
  • Construction: While they are both hybrid mattresses, they are constructed differently. The Saatva mattress has a coil-on-coil design – two coil layers that provide better contouring, responsiveness, and support. Oh, and it has a pillow top. The Leesa Hybrid mattress has one coil layer in addition to the foam layers. Unfortunately, no plush pillow top.
  • Sleeping experience: We classify both Leesa Hybrid and Saatva as luxury mattresses. However, Saatva consistently receives higher comfort ratings from customers. We think it has something to do with the Euro pillow top.
  • Shipping & Delivery: Leesa offers free shipping to all 50 states. Saatva charges $99 for shipping within the continental US. The $99 flat fee covers in-home delivery, mattress setup, and optional old mattress removal. Leesa, on the other hand, charges $150 for these extra services.


Leesa Hybrid and Saatva

Below are the latest prices for Leesa Hybrid and Saatva.

Sleep Delivered readers can get up to $250 off a Leesa Hybrid mattress and $100 off a Saatva mattress.

Size Leesa Hybrid (Save 25% Now + 2 FREE Pillows ) Saatva (Save Up To 15% Now)
Twin $1,039 $1,295
Twin XL $1,119 $1,395
Full $1,359 $1,895
Queen $1,599 $1,995
King $1,839 $2,495
CA King $1,839 $2,495

Price note: Saatva charges the same price, whether you choose the 11.5″ or 14.5″ mattress.

Financing Options

sleep level mattress

Leesa offers financing through Affirm while Saatva works with Klarna to split your purchase cost into manageable monthly payments.

Coupons & Discounts

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MattressLeesa Hybrid
Leesa Hybrid
Rating 4.74.9
Price w/ Discount$944-$1,609$1,101 - $2,372
Comfort Choices Med. FirmPlush Soft, Luxury Firm, Firm
Construction Foam and pocket coilsFiber padding, foam, pocket coils, and Bonnell coils
Motion Transfer LowModerate
Sinkage MinimalModerate to low (depends on comfort level)
Trial Period 100 nights120 nights
Warranty10 years15 years
Eco-friendliness CertiPUR-US foamCertiPUR-US foam, organic cotton cover
Delivery 3-6 business days 7-15 days
Customer ServiceGoodGood

Mattress Construction

Leesa Hybrid

Leesa Hybrid construction

The 11″ Leesa Hybrid mattress looks a lot like many other hybrid mattresses: a foam comfort section on top and a pocket coil base.

The 4″ comfort section has three layers: cooling polyfoam, contouring memory foam, and transition polyfoam.

The top layer is hole-punched to allow hot air to escape away from the mattress.

The pocket coil base is 6″ thick and consists of more than a thousand individually wrapped coils (Queen size). The edge-to-edge configuration of the coils ensures you enjoy adequate support, whether you are sleeping in the middle of the mattress or near the edge.

Below the pocket coil base is a 1″ stabilizing layer of high-density polyfoam.

The five layers of the Leesa Hybrid mattress are wrapped in a soft and stretchy Poly-Lycra (polyester + Lycra) cover.


Saatva Mattress Construction

Saatva's construction is quite different from Leesa Hybrid, starting with its thickness. You can choose between two thickness options, both of which are thicker than Leesa Hybrid.

They are 11.5″ and 14.5″.

But what's unique about Saatva is the dual coil-on-coil construction. Instead of the usual single-coil layer, Saatva has two.

The Saatva mattress starts with a Euro-style pillow top tucked beneath an organic cotton cover. The pillow top contains a combination of foam and fiber padding for ultimate luxury. Side sleepers will appreciate the quick pressure relief offered by the plush top layers.

Next is the comfort layer consisting of a 1″ polyfoam + memory foam layer. The Plush Soft option has a third soft polyfoam layer.

Then comes the first coil layer, consisting of recycled steel pocket coils. Right beneath them is the second coil layer consisting of thicker and firmer recycled steel Bonnell coils. This is the base of the Saatva mattress.

Comfort and Firmness

Leesa Hybrid

Leesa mattress firmness

Leesa keeps things simple with just one firmness option – medium firm. Fortunately, this is the sweet point for most sleepers – firm enough for lumbar support and soft enough for contouring and comfort.

Note that the exact feel of the mattress is subjective. Medium-firm applies to average weight sleepers weighing between 130lbs and 230lbs.

If you weigh under 130lb, the mattress feels firm and may be uncomfortable for side sleepers. If you weigh over 230lbs, the mattress has a softer medium feel and may not be ideal for some back and stomach sleepers.


Saatva mattress

Saatva is all about options. Not only can you choose how thick you want your new mattress to be, but you can also select from three comfort options.

They are plush soft (3/10), luxury firm (6/10), and firm (8/10).

Most sleepers opt for a luxury firm, which has the medium-firm feel many people like. For side sleepers, we recommend plush soft.

If you are a stomach sleeper or weigh over 230lbs, get the firm Saatva mattress.

Sleeping Experience

Leesa Hybrid

Leesa Hybrid Sleeping Experience

One reason we (and many sleepers) love hybrid mattresses is how they perfectly blend all the qualities you need for a good sleeping experience – soft pressure relief from the foam layers, deep contouring from the pocket coils, a pleasant bounciness and excellent compression support.

Not to mention their higher than average cooling performance.

The Leesa Hybrid mattress is no different. The top three layers provide pressure relief, body contouring, and some cooling (the top layer has holes for heat dissipation).

These foam layers also help reduce motion transfer, ensuring you sleep comfortably next to your tossing partner.

The coil layer holds up your weight while adding a nice bounce to the mattress.

The Saatva mattress has great support, but we don't recommend it for heavier sleepers (over 230lbs). The 11″ profile is not sufficient to support a heavier body without sagging.

As for cooling, the Leesa Hybrid mattress does a great job. The perforated top layer and the coil layer maintain good airflow, which ensures excess heat does not get trapped in the mattress.


Saatva sleeping experience

Of the two mattresses, Saatva is the more luxurious option thanks to the plush pillow top.

Sleeping experience varies with the comfort level. The Saatva plush soft has a deeper give and hugs your body more closely. That's why we recommend it for side sleepers.

The luxury firm option balances between firm support and soft comfort.

The firm option has a more solid feel with little give. It's great for those who need extra support.

Because of the coil-on-coil construction, all comfort options have excellent support. Even the softest Saatva doesn't bottom out.

Heavier sleepers should pick Saatva over Leesa. Specifically, we recommend the thicker 14.5″ option as it provides better compression support.

The dual coil design makes Saatva bouncier than Leesa Hybrid. This makes Saatva a great choice for sex.

The increased responsiveness causes noticeable motion transfer. The top foam layers and the pillow top do a good job absorbing most of the disturbance, but if you sleep next to a fitful partner, consider getting the Leesa Hybrid mattress instead.

Heating is not an issue in the Saatva mattress. The two coil layers keep heat flowing out of the mattress. The breathable organic cotton cover also helps keep the surface of the mattress cool.

Warranty and Returns

Leesa Hybrid

Leesa Original Details

Leesa lets you try your new mattress at home for 100 nights, with a mandatory break-in period of 30 nights. You can only return the mattress after sleeping on it for 30 nights.

Returns are free but only for customers in one of the 48 states in the continental United States. For customers in Hawaii and Alaska, there's a $100 return fee to cover the high shipping costs.

After 100 days, if you decide to keep the mattress, you'll be covered by a 10-year non-prorated warranty.


Saatva Mattress features

Saatva's in-home trial period is 120 nights long without a mandatory break-in period.

Returns are free, but you'll only receive the purchase cost. Saatva keeps the $99 shipping fee.

As for the warranty, it's 15 years long and is non-prorated. The only cost you need to pay in case of a warranty claim is a $99 shipping fee, each way. But that's after the second year. For the first two years, Saatva covers everything.

Saatva also offers a different kind of warranty, what they call a Fairness Replacement Option. It's a prorated warranty.

If you make a warranty claim, Saatva will send you a new mattress and charge you a prorated cost based on how long you've had the mattress. You pay nothing in the first two years, 40% in years 3-5, 60% in years 6-10, and 80% in years 11-15.

Oh, and you get to keep your old mattress.

Shipping and Delivery

Leesa Original Details

Leesa Hybrid

Leesa ships their mattresses free of charge to all 50 states. If you want help setting up your new mattress and taking away the old one, Leesa charges $150 for white glove delivery.


Saatva charges $99 for shipping within the contiguous United States. They do deliver to Hawaii and Alaska, but you'll have to call the company to make special delivery arrangements.

The $99 fee includes white glove delivery.

Foundation and Frame

Leesa Hybrid vs. Saatva

Leesa Hybrid

The Leesa Hybrid mattress can be used on any flat and firm foundation, including a box spring, a slatted base, or a platform bed.


Saatva also works on any type of foundation as long as it is in good condition. The foundation should not sag or flex.

Care and Cleaning

Leesa Hybrid vs. Saatva

Leesa Hybrid

Do not remove the Leesa Hybrid mattress cover. Instead, spot clean with mild detergent and cold water.

To prevent stains and moisture damage, we highly recommend using a waterproof mattress protector.

You do not need to rotate or flip the mattress.


The Saatva mattress cover is not removable. Spot cleaning is the only way to get rid of stains and dirt sports.

The best way to protect your new mattress is by using a waterproof mattress protector.

Note that stains and dirt on the mattress can prevent you from returning the mattress and affect the warranty.

Similar to Leesa Hybrid, the Saatva mattress doesn't need to be rotated or flipped.

Where To Get The Best Deal

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Leesa Hybrid


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