Nectar is Now the Fastest-Growing Online Mattress Company

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In 2019, one online retail company grew faster than all others. Faster than Amazon, Walmart, Apple, and all other big brands

That company is Nectar Sleep.

With a 525% growth rate in 2018, Nectar is not only the fastest growing online mattress company; it is the fastest growing online retailer of any kind.

This is according to the 2019 Internet Retailer Top 1000 report that tracks the growth of e-retailers in North America.

According to Forbes, Nectar’s revenues have been growing at a crazy rate.

The company earned $40 million in 2017, the first year the Nectar mattress went on sale.

In 2018, that figure jumped to $250 million. Projected revenues for 2019 are $400+ million

Why is the Nectar Mattress so Popular

Nectar mattress

1. Sleeping Experience

Nectar Sleep has created a high-quality mattress that it sells at a very affordable price.

On the company’s website and Amazon, the mattress has hundreds of positive reviews, with most people saying it’s the most comfortable mattress they’ve ever slept on.

The mattress has four layers that work together to provide pressure relief, deep contouring, and support.

At the top are two gel memory foam layers that conform to your body, relieving pressure points on your hips and shoulders.

The gel helps with cooling.

A high-density memory foam core and a breathable base provide compression support and longevity.

A cover made from Tencel, a soft and cool fabric, adds to the mattress’ luxurious feel.

The Nectar mattress uses higher quality foams compared to other foam mattresses.

For instance, most memory foam mattresses have just one memory foam layer while the other layers consist of cheaper polyurethane foam.

Nectar has memory foam in all layers except the base.

The top layer is quilted, an expensive design choice that most companies avoid. The quilting adds a soft plush feel to the mattress.

To know more, check out our in-depth nectar mattress review.

2. Generous Warranty and Trial Period

Nectar is so confident about the quality of their mattress that they offer a forever warranty.

As long as you own the mattress, you are covered against any material defects and artistry issues.

That beats the 20 and 25-year warranties luxury mattresses boast of.

It’s not just the warranty that is generous; the in-home trial period is as friendly.

Once the mattress has been delivered, you have a full year to try it out. That’s plenty of time to test the mattress in all kinds of conditions.

You also get a chance to see how well it holds up to months of use. It will give you an idea of how long the mattress will last.

If you don’t like the mattress, Nectar will pick it up at no cost and give you a full refund.

3. Aggressive Marketing

A good product doesn’t sell itself, especially not in the hyper-competitive online mattress industry.

Nectar has been very aggressive and creative in their marketing efforts.

Their ‘Make America Sleep Again’ video ad, which featured brainy cameos from Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Trump, went viral. It currently has over 14 million views on YouTube.

Campaigns like this have helped Nectar Sleep stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Another key to their marketing success is their aggressive DISCOUNTS of $100 or more on all sizes – click here to save $125 NOW.

Steep Competition

Nectar online

It’s not just Nectar pulling out all the stops to gain an edge in the market. Companies like Casper are experimenting with various techniques to attract customers.

Many companies are expanding their mattress offerings, giving customers more buying options.

Casper now sells four mattresses. A few years ago they sold just one.

Leesa, another famous brand, has two mattresses in their catalog: an all-foam and a hybrid mattress (get the best deal on a Leesa using our promo code).

Other companies have come up with creative marketing techniques or go with the tried and trusted method of offering deep discounts.

Nectar, while currently on top, is by no means guaranteed to stay there forever. Another startup like it may very well upstage the company next year.

All this jockeying and competition is good for us customers.

How the Nectar Mattress Compares

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