Leesa’s Hybrid Pillow: Is It Worth The Price?

Leesa hybrid pillow

Leesa is a favorite mattress startup, and it has created a hybrid pillow that stays extremely cool every time. The new product is also customizable to suit every sleeper, but it costs $125. The price is a bit high compared to other ordinary pillows.

Are you wondering if the hybrid pillow is worth the price?

Then read on to get full details about the pros and cons of this particular product. You can also check Leesa vs. Puffy Mattress Comparison where you can gain insight about the best cushion to choose.

In most cases, the bed you choose depends on your sleeping preferences. Some people prefer to sleep on the side, back or even on their stomach and there are pillows designed for that. Leesa hybrid is one such product that can give you quality sleep.

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How To Wash a Bamboo Pillow in 4 Super-Simple Steps

how to wash miracle bamboo pillow

Generally, Bamboo cushions refer to memory foam cushions that have a protective case made partially of bamboo. Bamboo is an excellent material to use on pillows for numerous reasons. For instance, they can assist with lots of sleep issues. However, even if you don’t have difficulty sleeping, bamboo can be cool at night and helps … Read more…

Memorial Day Mattress Sales Online! The Complete List

labor day mattress sale - the complete list

If you’re still shopping for a mattress or know someone who is, then Memorial Day week is definitely the time to buy! Just like bricks-and-mortar mattress stores, the leading online mattress companies also offer great Memorial Day discounts. Difference is, online mattresses already cost a LOT less. Listed below are the latest discounts and deals we know about … Read more…

What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

Purple Mattress

Mattress shopping is more complicated than it seems. There are numerous types of mattresses with widely varying designs and features you didn’t even think mattresses needed. But we can break down the confusing sea of options into three types of mattresses. All-foam mattresses – mattresses consisting entirely of foam. It can be latex foam, memory … Read more…

10 Beautiful Transitional Bedrooms in Light Lilac

Clutter-Free Transitional Light Lilac Bedrooms

If you have something unique and outstanding for your bedroom; a light lilac color scheme is a fantastic idea. Inspired by the lilac blossom, this shade brings charm and restfulness into space without being too cold. Hence, introducing them into your bedroom space makes perfect sense. A light lilac color theme is an uncommon choice … Read more…

20 Bedtimes Stories for Your Girlfriend, Wife or Partner

bedtime stories for girlfriend

There’s no better feeling after a long day at work than climbing into bed with your loved one and immediately closing your eyes to get a restful night of sleep. Regrettably, falling asleep quickly is often not so easy. Five minutes of scrolling through Facebook leads to an hour of watching bloopers on TV, all … Read more…

How Wide Is a Bed Frame (All Sizes Explained)

how wide is a bed frame

Finding the Appropriate Bed Frame Unless you’re a college student on a budget or you are going for an intense Bohemian hippie bedroom vibe, the majority of us prefer to keep our mattresses from the ground. That is where a bed frame comes in; it is a good coating, with or without legs, which supports … Read more…

10 Warm and Inviting Farmhouse Bedrooms in Khaki Green

Farmhouse Bedrooms in Khaki Green With Olive Bedding

Farmhouse bedrooms are full of country charm designed with rustic and natural elements. We love farmhouses for their warm, welcoming, and comforting vibes. And khaki green is the ultimate color scheme to bring that warm and relaxing vibes into your bedroom. Designing a farmhouse-style bedroom in khaki green may seem to be a daunting task … Read more…

10 Gorgeous Contemporary Bedrooms in Khaki Green

Contemporary Bedrooms in Khaki Green Accen

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10 Splashy & Fun Beach House Bedrooms in Khaki Green

Beach House Bedrooms in Khaki Green with Patterned Wallpaper

Calming hues captivated by sunshine days spent seaside will fill a space with beachside feeling-even if your thousands of miles away from the beach. Though designing a beach house bedroom is always in blue or aqua is seems quite boring nowadays. How about trying khaki green? Beach house bedrooms are nature-inspired spaces decorated with natural … Read more…