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Nectar mattress styling and aesthetics

Nectar Sleep is one of the few online mattress companies bold enough to offer a forever warranty on their mattress (Nest Bedding also provides a lifetime warranty).

The offer sounds especially crazy when you consider that Nectar is a memory foam mattress like the Puffy, et al, and it costs less than a ,000. It doesn’t contain innerspring which can increase a mattress’ lifespan.

But the company says that they have used the best quality materials to make sure the mattress lasts for years.

The mattress has four layers that add up to 11” in thickness.

The first three layers are memory foam. The first two are for comfort and cooling (they are softer and are infused with gel) while the third one is firmer to provide lumbar support.

The base is made from the poly foam like many other mattresses. But Nectar uses denser poly foam to make the mattress more rigid and supportive. It’s one of the reasons they are confident it will last for long.

You may be thinking, “I’m sure it’s just a gimmick. I’ll buy the mattress, and it’ll sag after just a few months, and I’ll be stuck with it.”

But worry not. Nectar Bedding gives customers a full year – 365 nights! – to test the mattress at home without any pressure.

So not only do you get to test the mattress through all seasons and in many different kinds of situations, but you also get to see how it holds up after a year of use which will give you an idea of its durability.

Shipping is free (for the continental US). They offer a white glove delivery option for an extra $149.

If you are looking for a good quality but affordable memory foam mattress, you can go wrong with Nectar.

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