Leesa vs. Casper mattress - The redesigned Leesa mattress is the better choice

How Leesa’s New LSA200 Foam Layer Improves Sleeping Experience

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Torn between Leesa vs. Casper?

A new type of foam may just convince you to go with the redesigned Leesa mattress. It’s a bit bouncy yet conforming while still feeling firm enough to support your back.

Leesa is calling it LSA200TM foam.

Original Leesa

Leesa vs Ghostbed

The first Leesa mattress was launched in 2015 and quickly became one of the most popular online mattresses.

The secret to the popularity of the memory foam mattress, other than its bargain pricing, was a special type of foam called Avena foam that was used in the top layer.

The Leesa mattress, despite being a memory foam mattress, did not really feel like one. It felt more like a cross between a memory foam and latex foam mattress.

Customers still got the benefits of memory foam – pressure relief and lack of motion transfer – and none of the bad ones such as overheating, poor support and lack of responsiveness.

The Avena foam layer worked great with the memory foam to provide a great mix of support and comfort.

Redesigned Leesa

I’m not sure why Leesa decided to redesign their mattress; it was pretty good as it was and had high ratings from customers.

But the new mattress is a notch better than the old one. It’s slightly more conforming, provides better support in all sleeping positions and sleeps just as cool as the original mattress.

Best of all, it’s just as affordable.

Here are all the ways the LSA200 foam will improve your sleeping experience.

Pressure Relief

It’s hard to tell the difference between the old and new mattress. This is because LSA200 foam has the same latex-like qualities as Avena foam.

But you can sense a little more plushness compared to Avena foam.

When you lie on the mattress, it has a certain instant relief feel that the original mattress did not have. The top layer immediately wraps your body in a soft hug.

As you settle into the mattress, it contours even more, relieving pressure and supporting you in all the right places.

Side sleepers who found the first Leesa mattress a tad too firm might like the new mattress better.


The new Leesa mattress is just as supportive as the old one. It balances perfectly between soft pressure relief and firm support.

Even if you are a bit on the heavier side, it doesn’t sink in too much. But I still wouldn’t recommend it for overweight persons.

It won’t last very long. A thicker mattress with coils such as Big Fig or Dream Cloud is a better choice.

But for most people, the new Leesa mattress provides just the right amount of lumbar and core support without being too firm.


The LSA200 foam has the same cooling capabilities as Avena foam. It doesn’t retain heat.

The breathable cover also helps move heat and excess perspiration move out of the mattress.


Like the old Leesa mattress, the new one doesn’t feel like a traditional memory foam mattress. It feels a bit more bouncy.

It is certainly not as springy as a latex or innerspring mattress but turning and getting up from bed won’t be the same tedious task it usually is on a memory foam mattress.

Overall Sleeping Experience

Overall, the new Leesa mattress feels almost exactly like the old mattress. Just a few slight differences but generally it’s the same great mattress at the same great price.

If you are not sure whether it’s right for you, you can still go ahead and try it. There is no risk.

Leesa gives customers 100 nights to test the mattress at home. If it’s not what you are looking for, returns are free.

Read our full Leesa mattress review or see how it compares to the Casper mattress.

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