Leesa is one of the best memory foam mattresses

The Best Leesa Accessories to Buy Along With Your Leesa Mattress

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Leesa is one of the best memory foam mattresses online.

But they are not just good at making mattresses, they also sell several other high quality, and in some cases quite innovative, bedding products.

If you are planning to buy a Leesa mattress or have already bought one, these accessories will go great with your mattress.

Leesa Hybrid Pillow

Leesa Hybrid Pillow goes great with the Leesa mattress

Even if you already have a pillow, I recommend you buy this pillow along with the Leesa mattress. It's not your ordinary memory foam or down pillow.

It consists of three layers, one of which is removable.

On one side are quilted pockets filled with microfiber filling. It feels a lot like a down pillow.

The other side consists of a ventilated gel layer.

The cooling gel helps keep the pillow cool and is especially helpful during hot seasons, for people who experience night sweats and for those who live in warm climates.

In the middle is a removable pillow insert filled with microfiber filling. You can actually use the insert as a mini-pillow for cuddling on the sofa or when travelling.

Because of the way the three layers are arranged, you can change how the pillow feels depending on your needs.

If you prefer a soft and cushy pillow, sleep on the pocketed side. If you sleep hot, turn it over to the side with the cooling gel.

You can also change how high the pillow is by removing or inserting the middle layer.

The pillow is more expensive than your standard pillow but it’s worth it.

Leesa Pillow

If you are not comfortable spending $135 on a pillow, try Leesa’s original pillow that starts at $75.

The pillow is pretty normal apart from the foam foam used inside.

This pillow uses a latex-like foam that stays cool, contours well around your head and neck and has that medium-firm feel that most people like in their pillow.

The foam also has perforations to improve cooling.

Leesa Sheet Set

Sheets from luxury brands like Parachute and Boll & Branch are awesome but they are expensive.

If you are looking for the same luxury feel at a lower price, try Leesa’s sheet set. It includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two standard pillowcases. You can also buy the set with a duvet cover.

To make the sheets, long-staple cotton fibers are weaved using a sateen style. This produces sheets that are soft and luxurious.

Leesa Blanket

Leesa made the blanket with the same polyester-blend fabric they use in their mattress cover. It is soft and breathable yet also cozy and warm.

It’s double-sided so you don’t have to worry about using it on the right side.

It’s perfect for use on the bed, as a throw blanket on the couch or as a travel blanket.

The blanket comes in only one size – 60″ x 78″. It’s available in two finishes: a standard Leesa grey and an Aly Raisman limited edition.

Aly Raisman is a gold medal American Gymnast.


Leesa adjustable base

It’s always a good idea to buy a new foundation when you buy a new mattress. An old platform or box spring may not provide the best support for your mattress.

Here are the different foundations Leesa sells.

Platform bed: A beautiful easy-to-assemble (no tools needed) platform featuring Birchwood slats and wooden legs. It includes bonus USB ports on both sides for your devices.

Adjustable base: The adjustable base works perfectly with the Leesa mattress. You can elevate the head, feet or both for a zero gravity experience. The King size has split mechanisms that allow you to control two twin size mattresses separately.

Foundation: A modern easy-to-assemble foundation with sturdy slats and middle rails for extra support. The foundation is upholstered in a slate gray twill fabric.

Bed frame: The metal frame goes with the Leesa foundation. It’s super easy to assemble and includes center support.

How the Leesa Mattress Compares

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