Leesa vs. Purple Mattress: An In-Depth Comparison

Purple Mattress

In this head-to-head mattress comparison, we are going to pit the extremely popular Leesa mattress against a younger, trendier brand, Purple Mattress.

Purple made waves in 2015 when they raised over a hundred thousand dollars on Kickstarter to launch their mattress. But what makes them unique is what they use in their mattress.

Unlike most foam and spring mattresses, the Purple mattress uses hyper-elastic polymer to provide high-level support and responsiveness.

I find it a bit challenging to describe how Purple's unique feel differs from Leesa, but I give it my best shot in this comparison.

Suffice it to say: these mattresses offer very differently sleeping experiences.

What's In This Comparison

In this new mattress showdown, you will learn how the Leesa and the new Purple mattress compare in a number of areas, including price, warranty, comfort, construction and sleeping experience.

My aim is not to tell you which mattress is the best, but to give you the details you need to make a confident choice between these two mattresses.

So, let's dive in!

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Leesa vs Nectar Mattress: An In-Depth Comparison

Leesa mattress review - naked mattress white background

In this in-depth Leesa vs Nectar mattress comparison, you'll learn how two of the most popular and highest-rated foam mattresses sold online, Leesa and Nectar, compare.

Leesa is one of the most popular foam mattresses online. Its unique combination of responsive LSA200 foam and pressure-relieving memory foam makes it an excellent choice for all types of sleepers.

Nectar is one of the most affordable online memory foam mattresses. It’s notable for its extended 365-day trial period and forever warranties.

So… how do they differ?  Let's find out!


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Leesa vs. Loom & Leaf Mattress: An In-Depth Comparison

Leesa vs. Loom & Leaf

Leesa and Loom & Leaf are two of the hottest brands of mattresses sold online today. Both are high-quality mattresses sold at affordable prices, direct from the factory, with as little fuss as possible. But how do the Leesa and Loom & Leaf mattresses compare, side by side? Click here to see my preferred mattress → What’s In … Read more…

Leesa vs Helix Mattress: An In-Depth Comparison

Leesa vs Helix

Time for another online mattress heavyweight matchup.

This time, I'm comparing Leesa, the memory foam champ vs. Helix, the leading custom-fit mattress sold online.

There are many differences between these two mattresses, to be sure.

Leesa sells the best medium-firm all-foam mattress we've tested, so far. It uses three foam layers to provide excellent comfort, pressure relief and support.

Helix Sleep launched a year after Leesa with a truly unique product: a great custom-fit hybrid foal-coil mattress configured to meet your unique needs.

They cost about the same.

So… which one is right for you?

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Leesa vs Ghostbed Mattress: An In-Depth Comparison

Leesa vs Ghostbed

Leesa and Ghostbed are two clear leaders in the new and fast-growing direct-to-customer mattress industry.

Both are premium foam mattresses sold for far less than they would cost in a store.

The Ghostbed mattress, an offshoot of the decades-old bedding company, Nature’s Sleep, is all-foam product with three layers designed to provide support, comfort, and durability.

The Leesa mattress is also all-foam, but uses a proprietary type of foam (LSA200) on the top layer to improve responsiveness, cooling, and support. Leesa is a pure startup, too.

So how do these winning foam mattresses compare, exactly?

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Leesa vs Casper vs Tuft & Needle vs Saatva Classic: Which One Is The Best?

Leesa vs Casper vs Tuft & Needle vs Saatva

Thinking about buying a mattress online?

You've come to the right place.

In this 5-minute comparison we'll compare four super-popular and highly-rated online foam mattresses: Leesa,  CasperTuft & Needle and Saatva Classic.

What's In This Review

We'll review the Leesa Original Foam,  Casper Original FoamTuft & Needle and Saatva mattresses and compare them on the most important factors for most people, including (click to jump to that section):

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Leesa vs. Casper vs. Purple vs. Ghostbed: An In-Depth Mattress Comparison

casper mattress review - with bedding in apartment

What’s In This Mattress Comparison

Thinking About Buying A Foam Mattress Online?

You’ve come to the right place!

In this in-depth review of Casper, Purple, Leesa and Ghostbed mattresses (their original/base models), we'll compare and contrast these similar products on the following features:

  • Mattress Construction
  • Comfort and Firmness
  • Sleeping Experience
  • Warranty and Returns
  • Shipping and Delivery Options
  • Price
  • Coupons

Leesa vs Casper vs Purple vs Ghostbed: Which Mattress Is Right For You?

We think the Ghostbed Classic is the best mattress choice if you sleep on your back and need great temperature regulation, as it has the firmest feel of these four and is made of latex gel foam.  The Purple Original is the best choice if you are heavier and definitely has the most unique feel of the bunch.

If you prefer the cradling feel of memory foam, then we think the Leesa feels slightly better for most than the Casper original, although the Casper now has zoned support which some side-sleepers may really love.

When it comes to price, the Purple Original is the most expensive with the others basically the same (after discounts). But the Purple offers a unique body-adaptable feel that is worth the extra price, in our opinion.

Here is a quick summary of how these four mattresses compare (click a link to learn more about a mattress):

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Helix vs Casper Mattress: An In-Depth Comparison

Helix vs Casper

What's In This Comparison

In this detailed comparison, I will compare the Casper and Helix mattresses on a variety of factors including comfort, order process, construction, support, cooling, warranty and of course, price.

My goal in this comparison is to give you the detail you need to make your own decision.

That said… if you want a quick pick, then this is the mattress I prefer.

For more details about each mattress, read my Helix mattress review and my Casper review.

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Ghostbed vs. Casper Mattress Comparison (2020)

Casper is a household name in the world of online mattresses.  They were the first online-only mattress brand when they launched in 2013.  The original Casper mattress was a latex foam and memory foam hybrid, but they have since replaced the latex layer with poly foam.

Ghostbed is an offshoot of Nature’s Sleep, a decades-old bedding company.  The Ghostbed Classic mattress is a latex foam and memory foam hybrid.  The memory foam layer is also infused with gel to improve temperature control.

Both of these mattresses sleep well – so which bed is the right one for your home?

What's In This Comparison

In this Casper vs. Ghostbed comparison, we pit two of the most popular foam mattresses sold online against each other and compare them in important areas such as comfort, sleeping experience, support and price.

My goal here is not to tell you which mattress to buy, but to give you the information you need to make your own confident choice.

So – let's get started!

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