The Dreamery Nap Store by Casper mattress maker

Casper Launches a $25-a-Nap Sleep Store Called The Dreamery

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Ever wished, in the middle of a grueling workday, that you could take just a quick nap in a proper bed to refill your energy levels?

Well, now you can. That is if you are in New York.

Casper, the maker of the super popular Casper mattress, has launched The Dreamery, a nap store equipped with cushy sleeping pods.

Dreamery Sleep Pods

Casper is all about helping people sleep better. They mostly do that through their series of bed-in-a-box mattresses: Casper, Wave and Essential.

The Dreamery is simply an extension of their mission.

Their big idea, borne out of months of research and customer survey according to Casper, is that customers would love a relaxing place take a quick refreshing nap before getting back to their work.

Instead of falling asleep at your desk or on a bench at the park, why not enjoy the closet thing you can get to your bed at home?

And if you happen to fall in love with the Casper mattress while you nap and decide to order one, all the better for Casper.

How Does It Work?

You can walk in at any time between their working hours (11am-8pm Mon to Sat, 11am-6pm Sun) and pay for a 45-minute nap. If you want to be sure you’ll find an empty pod, you can book a nap on their website.

Each nap costs $25. That includes a private place to nap, complementary beverages, optional pajamas, a locker (with an outlet) and bathroom amenities.

Casper says that the bedding is replaced after every nap. So you can be sure you are sleeping in a clean place.

Sleeping Pods

Dreamery Sleeping Pod

The sleeping pods are designed to be as relaxing and private as possible.

Each one is equipped with a Casper mattress (obviously), auto-fading lights, a reading light, ventilation and a bedside shelf with an outlet.

And before you ask the answer is no, you cannot share the pod with someone. Single occupancy only. So no frisky business for couples.

You get 45 minutes to nap, at the end of which you are gently woken up. Feel free to refresh yourself in the bathroom and enjoy the complementary beverages and snacks before you go back out.

The lounge itself is as relaxing as the sleep pods: calming blue décor, starry twinkling on the walls and a comfortable lounge area.

Casper has partnered with several other companies to provide the best napping experience.

You can listen to sleep sounds from Headspace (bring your own headphones), refresh with face wash from Sunday Riley, comfy PJs from Sleepy Jones and a toothbrush set from Hello.

Nap Pods Everywhere

According to the senior vice president of experience of Casper, the company is planning to expand this idea to other locations.

Currently it is only available at 196 Mercer St. New York, NY 10012. That's just a stone throw away from Casper’s mattress store. So if you like the mattress, you can just pop over to their store and order one.

But the company is hopping to establish more Dreamery stores in airports, offices and other locations where people could use a nap.

It's easy to see them collaborating with WeWork, the popular shared work spaces service, to provide their customers with a convenient napping solution right where they are.

But the idea has to work first. So Casper is really hoping that you’ll go and pay The Dreamery a visit.

Will you, for $25 a nap?


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